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As seen and talked about on CNN Money and Yahoo Finance, for over 12 years Discount Pet Medicines has been the place to shop for reputable pharmacies, great service and low prices on popular flea control, heartworm prevention and over 1000 pet meds and products.
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Shopping For Pet Meds With Us

Our referrals include reputable sources like CNBC TV, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money & CNN Money. There are many things to consider when searching for a bargain on your pet's meds and health supplies. Some popular online pharmacies can actually be quite expensive, others may have low cost pet medication but poor service or outdated products. We've spent over ten years searching to find pharmacies for you that have a good track record with prices, quality and service. Most stores we send shoppers to we've known for over eight to ten years, and in that time we have received less than one complaint per 500,000 visitors. We want shoppers to have it all - reputable stores that offer substantial discounts on popular meds such as frontline, heartgard, nexgard, sentinel, interceptor, rimadyl, cosequin, glycoflex, revolution, advantage multi, comfortis, trifexis, program flea control, k9 advantix II, capstar and more. In addition to helping you find low cost pet meds, we provide reviews, profiles, price comparisons, helpful videos and other information on many items - information you can use when discussing your pets care plan with their veterinarian. You can also browse by category, including joint & arthritis, ear care, ophthalmic meds, antihistamines, heart drugs and more.

Buying Prescription Pet Medication Online

A lot of pet, horse, dog and cat owners are curious wether or not it is best to buy their pet meds online. Actually, that will depend on the specific situation. It doesn't make a lot of sense to wait a few days on temporary low cost products that your pet needs immediately. However, saving money on frequently administered flea, tick and heartworm preventatives, long-term prescription medications and or expensive non-emergency pet medication does make sense. But remember, when you do buy your pet's health products online it is important to find reputable pharmacies you can trust to provide good service and high quality products that are fresh, legitimate and fairly priced. It is also important to know that prescriptions are required for certain medications for a reason - to protect your pet's best interest. We personally do not trust any pharmacy that is willing to sell you a prescription required med without verifying the prescription with your veterinarian before they ship the product.
Popular rx required prescription pet medications for dogs, cats and horses, to treat various conditions including arthritis, canine cognitive disorder, dog skin allergy issues, infections, cushing's disease, fungal conditions, pet diabetes, ear problems, allergies, pain, anxiety, eye disease, heart conditions, liver issues, thyroid disorders and more. Each of the below profile pages should include a description of the drug and sources for hard to beat discount prices. Many will also have information on side effects, reviews, and videos.
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Discount Generic Pet Drugs Vs. Brand Name Products

A lot of consumers are looking for discounted generic drugs these days as a substitute for what can be a more expensive brand name product. Sometimes this can be a great deal. However, when you shop for brand name meds at you may find that the savings is so substantial that the generic drug version is not necessarily all that much less money. In other words, a generic product at a more expensive store may be close to or even more than a brand name med purchased at a pharmacy with low discount prices. The nice thing about brand name varieties is that veterinarians will usually know what to expect when it comes to product quality, whereas, with generics it is not always easy to know what kind of manufacturing standards the company may employ. Manufacturing quality is important because it can have an effect on end product quality and effectiveness. For instance, many veterinarians choose Cosequin over all other joint supplements because the manufacturer posts reports regarding quality control and production. Some of the other joint supplements may be cheaper but it may be hard to know if they were made in such a manner that they will be effective and properly beneficial. Which drugs and supplements vary in quality the most between brand name and generic versions will depend on the specific one of interest. Your veterinarian should be able to answer this question.
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