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Anipryl And Generic Selegiline Pet Medications

Anipryl is a pet medication developed by Pfizer Animal Health with the MAOI monoamine oxidase inhibitor L-Deprenyl. The MAOI L-Deprenyl works in the body to help prolong productive activity of the neurotransmitter Dopamine, consequently, L-Deprenyl medications are often used in the treatment of dopamine production related diseases including cognitive dysfunction in dogs, cushings disease in canines, and, alzheimer's and parkinson's disease in humans. Selegiline is the generic for Anipryl.
anipryl and generic selegiline medications to help with health problems such as canine cognitive dysfunction and cushings disease in dogs

Anipryl And Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Anipryl is possibly known best for it's ability to fight the effects of senility in older dogs, also known as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome or CDS. Canine cognitive dysfunction is a collection of symptoms often evidenced by a loss of interest in family members, disorientation, incontinence and other behavior changes. It is believed that anipryl works by helping destroy harmful free radicals in the brain where it helps restore the balance of natural chemicals which in turn helps alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Many dogs suffering from CDS are helped by anipryl medicines, studies have shown that over 75% of dogs show improvement after just one month of anipryl medications use.

Anipryl As A Treatment For Canine Cushings Disease

Anipryl and Selegiline are also popular choices to treat canine cushing's disease, which causes excess, harmful amounts of cortisone to be produced within the body. One of the advantages of Anipryl over Lysodren, another medication for canine cushings disease, is that it does not require the frequent blood tests that Lysodren does. Ketoconazole is another medication that may be prescribed to treat cushing's. Wether or not your veterinarian chooses to use Anipryl tablets to treat your dogs condition will usually depend on your pet's specific situation.

Side Effects And Considerations

As with most pet medications there are possible side effects with anipryl, consequently, it will be important to follow your veterinarian's instructions precisely and you will also want to promptly report any signs of potential complications including, but not limited to, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, seizures, listlessness, hyperactivity, restlessness, hair loss, shaking and any other health changes. There can also be adverse reactions from interaction with other medications or pet health products including Preventic tick collars and the incontinence drug phenylpropanolamine, so you'll want to play it smart and give your veterinarian a thorough list of all the health products used by your specific pet. Buy 30 Count Anipryl Pack, save with a one month supply at discount prices starting around ** $56.00 for 30 pills.
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Diseases Anipryl Treats
Choosing Between Brand Name Anipryl And The Generic Selegiline
Don't be too quick to assume generic drug alternatives are always the best way to go, even though they may appear more affordable at times. When you save money buying brand name meds online chances are the savings will make up for the cost and price difference after all.
Another important point about a generic - it is harder to know about the quality behind that generic drug's manufacturing process, whereas with brand name items, this important factor will usually be known - at least by your pet's veterinarian anyway.
Selegiline is the generic drug replacement for Anipryl. At times, selegiline can be a cost saving alternative to Anipryl, however, it does not offer the wide variety of dosage amounts that Anipryl does. Anipryl is also available in handy 30 count blister packs that make pill administration easier to monitor and they help keep the product fresher as well.

Working With Your Veterinarian To Transfer Prescriptions So You Can Buy Online

Any reputable pharmacy will require prescription verification from your pet's veterinarian before they ship your RX pet medications to you. You should always be wary of pharmacies that do not verify a prescription required rx as the rx requirement is there to protect the welfare of your pet. Just the same, some veterinarians do not like to transfer prescriptions to online pharmacies, sometimes because they are concerned about the quality of the product you will receive and sometimes because they do not wish to lose a sale themselves. We've put together a step-by-step guide to make the process of visiting with your veterinarian regarding transferring your dogs lysodren rx or any other of your pet's prescriptions to an online pharmacy more comfortable for both of you.
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