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Clavamox Antibiotic Meds For Dogs and Cats

Clavamox, sometimes misspelled clavimox or clavomox, is a prescription required antibiotic for cats and dogs manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. As a broad spectrum antibiotic clavamox is often chosen to treat or prevent a wide variety of infections caused by bacteria including external issues such as wound complications, abscesses, puss lesions and skin infections. It is also prescribed to treat urinary tract infections.

Giving Clavamox To Your Pet - Choosing Between Tablets Or Liquid Drops

Clavamox is available in tablets or liquid drops - what type and dose your veterinarian decides to prescribe for your specific pet will most likely depend on the ailment and type of animal. Clavamox tablets are not considered palatable but can be given inside a pill pocket for easier administration. Clavamox tablets come wrapped in a foil enclosure and should remain there until use to maintain maximum effectiveness. They are available in 62.6 mg, 125 mg, 250 mg, and 375 mg. Clavamox liquid, also known as an oral suspension, is most commonly available in a 15ml bottle and is a popular choice for cats. For maximum freshness, once the bottle of clavamox liquid drops is opened and water is added, clavamox drops should be stored in the refrigerator and discarded after 14 days.


Clavamox contains the well known penicillin like broad spectrum antibiotic amoxicillin. But it also has another ingredient in addition to amoxicillin - clavulanate potassium. The intention of a second ingredient is to help increase the antibacterial spectrum in which the drug is effective and therefore treat a wider variety of infections.

Side Effects And Cautions

As with most antibiotics, side effects are possible, including but not limited to: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Consequently, if your pet exhibits any unusual behavior, signs of ill health, or any other changes, you will want to consult your veterinarian immediately. Because clavamox is a penicillin-like antibiotic, it should not be given to pets with allergies to amoxicillin meds or penicillin. In addition, for your pet's safety, you will also want to visit with your veterinarian regarding other medications that your pet may be taking. For instance, there can be adverse interactions when erythromycin and amoxicillin antibiotic pet medications are taken concurrently with each other. Freshness is always important too when it comes to maintaining maximum drug effectiveness.


In general the wide variety of customer reviews online for Clavamox were good and many commented on how quickly the medication helped clear up certain ailments, such as bite wound and urinary tract infections. A few owner's pets had been prescribed clavamox for secondary infections caused by allergies such as sinus, respiratory and skin infections and the owners were happy with the treatment results. There were a few dog and cat owners who believed it had made their pet vomit and lose their appetite. Our veterinarian has prescribed clavamox for our own pets on many occasions with great success. It has worked particularly well for our dogs, however, it tends to make our cat lose her appetite, so we chose to use an alternative antibiotic for her needs.

Post Treatment Probiotics

Antibiotics are designed to act against bacteria that can cause infections in our body, however, by doing so they can also destroy the good bacteria too - bacteria that we actually we need. Often veterinarians will prescribe probiotics such as fortiflora to help restore the proper balance of good bacteria following an antibiotic regimen.
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Other Antibiotic Meds
Generic Alternatives
At this time, as far as we know, there are not any generic alternatives. This is most likely since clavamox contains two ingredients. Amoxicillin is a generic medication but if you were to try to use that as a substitute you could lose the broad spectrum protection and benefits that come from the 2nd ingredient in clavamox, the clavulanate potassium.
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