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Buy Clindamycin (Generic Antirobe) Medications Online At Discount

Clindamycin antibiotic for dogs and cats can be purchased online in many different forms including brand name or generic varieties. Notice the generic clindamycin pet medications are not much less and maybe even more than the brand name versions - this is because the money you can save by buying online is often enough to make up for the price difference. Personally, we prefer brand name medications for our own pets because we have more confidence in the quality and consistency we can expect from certain manufacturers. Clindamycin pet medications are available in tablet, capsule, oral suspension aqua drops and topical solution varieties. There is even a version for fish.
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clinsol clindamycin liquid aqua drops
generic clindamycin tablets
Capsule and Tablet Medications
Clindamycin Capsules and Tablets   Starting at just $0.45 ea. for 25mg - an estimated 45% off retail
ANTIROBE® Brand Capsules   Starting at just $0.42 ea. for 25 mg - an estimated 56% off retail
Aqua Drop and Oral Suspension
Clindamycin Generic Aqua Drops   Starting at just $8.99 for 20 ml - an estimated 25% off retail
CLINSOL® Brand Oral Suspension   Starting at just $9.00 for 20 ml - an estimated 25% off retail
ANTIROBE® Aquadrops Antibiotic   Starting at just $14.99 for 20 ml - an estimated 25% off retail
Topical Solutions
Clindamycin Topical Solution 1%   Starting at just $34.99 for 20 ml - an estimated 12% off retail
Clindamycin For The Aquarium
"Fish Cin" Antibiotic   A specialty antibiotic for fish containing clindamycin - $39.37 for 150 mg

Information On Clindamycin Antibiotic For Dogs and Cats

Clindamycin is a generic antibiotic with brand name counterparts - ANTIROBE® from Pfizer and CLINSOL® from Virbac. Clindamycin is similar in formulation and action to the antibiotic Lincocin and the human antibiotic Cleocin. Clindamycin is a narrow range antibiotic most commonly prescribed for dental and bone infections in dogs and cats including dental disease such as gingivitis, periodontitis and osteomyelitis. However, it is often prescribed to treat specific pus filled infection sites, bite wound, abscess, post surgery, pneumonia and respiratory infections in pets. Clindamycin for pets is available by prescription only in oral capsules of variable dosage or as an oral dose liquid suspension aquadrop for hard to pill pets. There is also an external topical solution 1% available for external use only that is sometimes prescribed to treat topical skin and wound infections. Clindamycin may not be suitable for all pets including those with kidney and liver issues. Like any antibiotic, side effects, allergies and adverse reactions are possible. Potential issues with clindamycin, in some pets, includes but is not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. There are also other pet medications, including some antibiotics, that should not be used in conjunction with clindamycin or antirobe, so please visit with your veterinarian thoroughly regarding your pets specific treatment and follow all their directions carefully. As with any antibiotic, even if your pet appears to have recovered, it is important to complete the prescription as specified by your veterinarian, or, they could develop a resistance or redevelop the illness.
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