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Information On Chlorpheniramine Antihistamine For Dogs And Cats

Cats and dogs can suffer from food allergies and environmental allergens just as their human counterparts can. However, our bodies usually respond to them differently. For instance, people react to allergens with sneezing and congestion, where pets usually respond through itchy skin and paws, as well as, itchy, even infected ears instead.
Chlorpheniramine Maleate is a popular antihistamine often prescribed to treat allergies in pets, including adverse skin reactions and troublesome allergy related itching. Although widely used to treat dogs, it has shown itself to be quite effective in itch relief for cats too.
Chlorpheniramine is also sometimes used to provide motion sickness and anti nausea relief. On occasion, it may be given to pets with mast cell tumors to reduce circulating histamines within the body. In addition, veterinarians sometimes give it to pets prior to vaccinations to help prevent an allergic reaction to the respective injected vaccine solution.
It is believed by some that omega 3 fatty acid supplements given concurrently with antihistamines help synergize the antihistamine within the pets body to help it better fight histamines and resulting allergy related skin disease issues. However, Chlorpheniramine can have adverse reactions when used in conjuction with certain medications including dangerous over-sedation when used at the same time with other antihistamines or tranquilizing medications. Useage with pain relief medications should also be avoided. Side effects such as drowsiness, vomiting, diahrrhea and loss of appetite are possible with Chlorpheniramine Meds. As with most pet medications, even those purchased without a prescription, it is important to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian first regarding wethor or not that particular med is right for your specific pet. Chlorpheniramine is known for a bitter taste so you may want to offer it in a pill pocket.

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