adequan injection carprofen joint medications novox, norocarp and rimadyl chewable canine aspirin deramaxx arthritis meds metacam for arthritis dexamethasone elixer phenylbutazone also known as bute etogesic pain medication previcox tablets to reduce inflammation and relieve pain
Popular RX Dog Joint Meds Profiles And Discounts:   Rimadyl Deramaxx Metacam Previcox EtoGesic Adequan Chewable Aspirin  

Prescription Arthritis Medications For Dogs

It is always important to consult your veterinarian before buying any pet health product for your dog but it is particularly important when it comes to prescription arthritis medications. Many canine arthritis meds have potential side effects or they can cause adverse reactions. And, certain medications should not be given to specific breeds.
The combination of other products given to your dog while they are on dog arthritis medications is important to consider as well. Always visit thoroughly with your veterinarian regarding your dog's specific situation and be sure to include your dog's complete food and health regimen including all food, treats, supplements and meds.
Below, we've prepared a list of popular medications for you to help you understand more about them, including where to go for more information and low discount prices.
prescription joint medication for dogs to help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation for mobility and a higher quality of life

Profiles On Popular Canine Arthritis Meds

Profiles, information and discount price sources on popular pet medications often prescribed to treat arthritis in dogs. Most require a prescription from your veterinarian but there are a few that are listed that do not. They are listed here because they're serious meds and can cause adverse reactions when taken with other drugs or have side effects.
rimadyl and generic carprofen alternative meds norocarp and novox   Rimadyl - Novox - Norocarp - Carprofen   (NSAID)
Rimadyl is a popular RX FDA approved arthritis med for dogs. Rimadyl can have serious side effects and can react with other meds so you will want to follow your veterinarian's instructions carefully. Low cost carprofen generic alternatives to rimadyl include novox and norocarp meds.
deramaxx in 25mg and 100mg   Deramaxx   (NSAID)   There is a current manufacturing shortage, see Deramaxx profile for potential alternatives
Prescription deramaxx is designed to help battle everyday chronic canine arthritis pain, it is also sometimes used to help with post operative pain resulting from orthopedic surgery in dogs. Deramaxx comes in a convenient chewable tab that makes it easy to administer to your pet.
metacam liquid suspension   Metacam   (NSAID)
Metacam is an arthritis medication for dogs designed to help improve mobility by reducing inflammation and pain. Metacam is a palatable liquid suspension that can be given as drops in the mouth or mixed with food. A generic med, meloxicam, is available as a tablet alternative.
recovery sa   Previcox   (NSAID)
Prescription previcox for dogs is designed to be a fast acting analgesic to help reduce swelling and pain within hours of starting treatment and to improve mobility issues within a few days.
joint max dog joint supplements   EtoGesic   (NSAID)
EtoGesic is a prescription joint medication prescribed to treat arthritis pain and swelling. There is also a generic alternative available known as Etodolac available for purchase online.
chewable aspirins for dogs   Chewable Aspirin   (NSAID)
Chewable aspirin for dogs can offer a more affordable treatment. Canine aspirin products do not always require a prescription, but adverse secondary issues are possible so they should be taken just as seriously as prescription meds - always consult your dog veterinarian before use.
phenylbutazone also known as bute is often given for pain   Phenylbutazone   (NSAID)
Phenylbutazone, also sometimes labeled "bute" is an anti-inflammatory NSAID used to treat arthritis pain and inflammation in dogs and horses. Produced by several different manufacturers.
adequan canine injectable arthritis medication   Injectable Adequan For Dogs   (DMOAD)
Adequan for dogs is an injectable solution that helps relieve pain and stimulate the cartilage repair process. Canine adequan injections are usually given every four days for about 28 days.
robaxin and methocarbamol   Robaxin And Methocarbamol Muscle Relaxers   (Muscle Relaxer)
Robaxin and its generic alternative methocarbamol are muscle relaxers designed to provide relief from discomfort caused by muscle spasms like those resulting from arthritis related joint issues.
tramadol pain medication   Tramadol Dog Pain Relief Medication   (Pain Reliever)
Tramadol is a dog pain relief med often prescribed for post surgery pain. However, it may also be prescribed to treat arthritis or chronic pain conditions as well. It is considered a controlled substance in some states and may not be available for purchase online for all consumers.
dexamethasone tablets   Dexamethasone   (Steroid)
Dexamethasone is a potent drug used to treat a wide number of issues in dogs including arthritis related inflammation. Side effects, drug interactions and adverse reactions are possible so it should be administered only in strict accordance with your veterinarian's instructions.
prednisone pet medications   Prednisone   (Steroid)
Prednisone is a prescription steroid med commonly prescribed to treat a variety of pet health problems in dogs including inflammation that can be caused by arthritis. Secondary problems are possible, so it must be carefully administered according to your veterinarian's instructions.
prednisolone steroid for inflammation problems   Prednisolone   (Steroid)
Prednisolone is a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory and pain medication used to treat a variety of canine health issues. Prednisolone can have serious side effects for some animals and usage should be conducted in the strictest accordance to your veterinarian's specific instructions.
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Arthritis In Dogs
More information on dog arthritis.
Buy Online And Save On Dog Arthritis Medications
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Choosing Between Brand Name Pet Medications And Generic Alternative Meds
Generic alternative medications can sometimes be a great way to save money on your pet's health care meds, however, this is not necessarily the case one hundred percent of the time.
When saving money is important you will want to do your research. For instance, when it comes to brand name products such as Rimadyl, you can sometimes find such good discounts off regular retail cost that the low prices you end up with will help make up for the money you thought you would save. Making the resulting price not much different, maybe even lower than the generic alternative cost.
In general, generic meds do not always come in as many dosage sizes, and even packaging and manufacturing processes can differ as well. The advantage of buying generic meds will vary by medication, it is always best to visit with your veterinarian to determine what drugs will work best for your pets specific needs.
Cats And Joint Medications
A lot of arthritis medications for dogs are not given to cats. This is because cats have a unique physiology that may not tolerate certain dog meds well at all. Always visit with your veterinarian in detail if you think they have prescribed something for your cat that is normally for dogs only.
Prescription RX Required
A prescription is required for arthritis medication for a reason, pharmacies are obligated to verify a prescription before the med is shipped. Be wary of any pharmacy willing to sell you a prescription required medicine without verifying the prescription with your pet's veterinarian first.

Precautions Regarding Chewable Pet Medicines

Many dog joint medications available on the market today come in convenient chewable tablets for easier administration. Your pet will usually enjoy these chewable varieties and take their medicines without hesitation. After all, this is the goal for most chewables as it is. However, an overdose of arthritis medication can have serious consequences including death. If your pet gets a hold of a bottle of tasty chewables they could be in big trouble. If you are going to give your dog chewable medications be sure and keep the lid on tight and keep them up high where your dog cannot access them, and never over dose.
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