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Choosing The Right Joint Supplement For Your Dog

Shopping for dog joint supplements can be a little confusing sometimes as prices, ingredients and targeted results can vary greatly from product to product. The first thing you will want to determine is exactly what you want the supplement to do - reduce inflammation, promote healthier cartilage, boost the immune system, etc. We always reccomend visiting with your veterinarian regarding your dog's very specific needs before buying any pet health product and this includes joint supplements too. Once the purpose is determined, the next thing you will want to do is determine what ingredients you would like included in your supplement. Price requirements, potential allergies and other medications that your pet is taking are all factors to consider when making this choice. And last but not least, always consider the quality of the product and manufacturer behind it. For instance, you may find a glucosamine product that is low in price, but if it's manufacturing standards are not high quality, then it may not provide the expected results. In other words, some meds are worth the extra price, especially when it reflects quality production standards.

Understanding The Terms

It is key to know what a product is all about when choosing a joint supplement for your dog. We've prepared an entire term definitions section for you on this topic including helpful explanations on the following terms: glucosamines, nutraceuticals, omega fatty acids, MSM, creatin, free radicals, antioxidants, chelated minerals, and amino acids.
joint supplements to help your dog be more active

Popular Supplements

Below, we've prepared a list of popular supplements for you to help you understand more about them, including where to go for more information and low discount prices.
glycoflex Glycoflex Joint Supplements
Glyco-flex is one of the original joint supplements for animals, and after eight years of use, is still one of our personal favorites that we give to our own dogs. Glycoflex products are all-natural supplements featuring the beneficial perna canaliculus mussel from New Zealand.
cosequin Cosequin Joint Supplements
Cosequin products are manufactured according to high standards and contain glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and manganese to help support and maintain your dog's joints and cartilage functions. Cosequin is available in a palatable sprinkle over food capsules or chewable tablets.
joint treats Joint Treats
A great way to make sure your dog gets his daily dose of glucosamine. Our dogs love these easy to chew tasty treats. Joint treats are all natural and also contain MSM and Creatin too.
joint max dog joint supplements Joint Max Products
From the makers of Joint Treats, Joint Max now offers a full line of dog related joint supplements containing beneficial ingredients like glucosamine, manganese, chondroiten and Vitamin C. Joint Max products are also available in a wide variety of forms including liquid and soft chews.
recovery sa Recovery SA Joint Recovery
A powder supplement formulated with natural ingredients for animals suffering from conditions associated with chronic pain and inflammation including post-surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, dysplasia, muscle spasms, tendonitis and more. Horse lovers already know about the popularity of Recovery EQ which is used often as an equine joint care supplement, and the popularity of recovery sa is continuously growing as satisfied EQ horse owners are trying it on their dogs too.
vetri-shark supplement with shark cartilage Vetri-Shark
A shark based supplement available in powder or capsules featuring shark cartilage, vetri-shark products are designed to support bone density, joint and connective tissue functions in dogs. Vetri-shark products provide a beneficial supply of phosphorus and calcium for strong bones too.
missing link with joint support Missing Link With Joint Support
Missing link is an all natural pet supplement offering a variety of nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids, probiotics and phytonutrients for multiple health benefits including better digestion, less allergies and increased energy levels. Contains no fillers or preservatives.
nupro NUPRO Canine Supplement
NUPRO helps promote healthy connective tissues in joints. NUPRO is also designed to help supply nutrients, vitamins and minerals that dogs would not otherwise get from a typical processed food diet. All natural ingredients including bee pollen, kelp, garlic and flaxseed.
duralactin with milk protein Duralactin With Milk Protein
Duralactin features microlactin, a patented dried milk protein, and is often used to manage chronic inflammatory joint conditions in aging dogs and is an alternative to glucosamine therapy.
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