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Atopica For Cats

Dogs and people are not the only ones that get allergy problems, felines can get them too. Like dogs, allergies in cats can result in dermatitis and other skin problems. Now Novartis, the manufacturer of the brand name Atopica capsules has designed an oral solution just for cats. Atopica is often chosen by veterinarians as an alternative to steroids for treatment of allergy related dermatitis in pets and the resulting symptoms.
Atopica for cats contains the generic ingredient cyclosporine in an oral solution. This liquid form helps make it easier to treat your cat for allergic dermatitis and the resulting itchy skin and scratching problem that it can create. Pet owners can administer liquid atopica either directly by mouth or by placing the medication in or on their feline's food.
Atopica for cats was FDA approved as of August 2011 and the majority of test results so far have shown it to be beneficial in providing itch relief for the majority of cats tested. However, it can sometimes take up to four to six weeks to show results. The oral solution feline atopica has also been shown to help reduce skin legions in some cats.
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