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Information on Baytril Meds

The active ingredient in baytril, manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation, is enrofloxacin. Baytril falls within the Fluoroquinolone class of antimicrobial anti-infective pet medications. A similar class in human medications would include the antibiotic ciprofloxacin (Cipro). Baytril meds and other flouroquinolones were a welcome development in the veterinary field, as they have been proven effective against previously difficult to treat bacteria such as Pseudomona. Baytril is often prescribed by veterinarians to treat a variety of infections in dogs and cats including respiratory, digestive and urinary tract infections. It is also commonly used to treat ear, skin and wound infections as well. Baytril antibiotic is designed to be rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and can be expected to penetrate into all canine and feline tissues and body fluids, often within two hours, and to be maintained for up to eight to twelve hours.
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Types Of Baytril Products

There are four types of baytril. Otic solution ear drops for ear infections and issues; purple enteric coated tablets bitter in flavor that must be given as a pill; palatable chewable flavor tabs in a bottle with a white lid; and a subcutaneous canine injectable given under the skin.
Baytril Otic Ear Drops   Buy Baytril Otic Ear Drops Online At Discount   15ml and 30ml
Baytril Otic is popular with veterinarians for treating ear issues and otic infections in dogs.
Baytril Purple Enteric Coated Tablets   Baytril Purple Tablets At Discount   22.7mg and 68mg
Enteric purple, coated tablets available for cats and dogs. Baytril purple tablets are bitter in taste, subsequently, crushing them for administration in the food is not necessarily an effective method of administration. However, if your pet is good at taking their medication without biting down on it, it might be possible to hide it inside a pill pocket treat.
Baytril Palatable Chewable Taste Tabs   Buy Baytril Chewables Online - Low Prices   22.7mg, 68mg and 136mg
If your concerned about getting your pet to take a pill, Baytril is also available as a chewable antibiotic flavor tab, also called a "Taste Tab", that many pets find quite palatable. As a matter of fact, you have to be particularly careful that your pet cannot get into them on their own as they could have a dangerous overdose. We had to give Baytril to one of our own dogs and we elected to use the bitter tasting coated tablets instead of the chewables for just this very reason.
Baytril Injection   Injectable Solution   20ml   The Injectable Baytril Is Sold To Veterinarians Only
An injectable antibiotic solution for administration to dogs only, for subcutaneous injection under the skin.

Comparison Shopping

Several of the pet pharmacies we link to carry Baytril meds, many offering substantial discounts making it more affordable for you and your pet. We've listed a few here in case you would like to do a thorough low price comparison.

Baytril Side Effects, Safety and Precautions

As with most pet medication, there are some possible side effects with baytril. In dogs, rare, but potential side effects include, but are not limited to, gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea or vomiting, elevated liver enzymes, seizures, depression and nervousness are also possible. Fluoroquinolones, such as baytril, can facilitate seizure activity in animals already prone to seizures and their usage should be limited accordingly. Also, due to potential joint and cartilage damage, it is often advised that Baytril should not be used in the younger canine during their rapid growth phase, approximately 2 to 8 months in small to medium dogs, 2 to 12 months in larger dogs and 2 to 18 months in giant breeds. Potential joint issues during the developmental stages of young felines does not appear to be as much of problem for cats as it is for dogs. However, there are other similar potential side effects for cats too, including vomiting, diarrhea, elevated liver enzymes, seizures and depression. Other potential side effects in cats include lethargy, vocalization, aggression and vision loss. In rare cases, the use of Baytril in cats has been reported to adversely effect the retina sometimes leading to vision impairment, even blindness. According to the Bayer corporation, they are taking a number of actions to investigate this issue, including involving a board of veterinary ophthalmologists. They also advise that Baytril injectable solution injections not be given to cats. The above rare, but potential side effects of baytril dog and baytril cat antibiotic medication are just a sampling and should not be viewed as a comprehensive, all inclusive set of potential issues. Regarding drug interactions, some pet health products, especially those containing mineral supplements like aluminum, calcium, iron and magnesium can interfere with proper absorption of Baytril. The stomach ulcer drug sucralfate can also interfere with absorption. Baytril can also alter the desired concentration of the drug theophylline when used concurrently with it. In addition, baytril can increase the risk of kidney damage from the immunosuppressive medication cyclosporine when the two are administered together. Once again the above is just a sampling of potential interactions rather than an all inclusive list. As always, it is important to let your veterinarian know about all the health products your pet is taking, prescription and non-prescription, so they can determine proper treatment options and adjust the medication and administration schedule accordingly. It is important to remember that the majority of pet medications available today all have potential side effects and possible drug interaction complications. Some of these side effects and drug interactions can be very serious, even deadly. All situations are unique, and you should visit thoroughly with your veterinarian regarding all potential side effects and issues and how they might pertain to your specific pet before administering or deciding to use any pet medication. And please remember, pet meds are not for people, they are for pets and animals only. As a matter of fact baytril has toxic properties for humans. When handling Baytril and other meds, individuals should avoid contact with the eyes and wash their hands when done. Keep out of the reach of children.
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Prescription RX Required
A prescription is required for baytril antibiotics for a reason, pharmacies are obligated to verify a prescription before the med is shipped. Be wary of any pharmacy willing to sell you a prescription required medicine without verifying the prescription with your pet's veterinarian first.
Online Reviews
In general the online reviews for Baytril tabs from dog and cat owners were positive. Some pet owners felt the product worked very fast and others felt it worked when others tried had not. The reasons for giving their specific pet baytril chewables differed somewhat and ranged from treating emergency situations to more routine health conditions. There were a few pet owners who felt their pets had suffered adverse reactions to baytril such as vomiting and convulsions, both of which can be serious issues. Remember to visit with your veterinarian about potential side effects before deciding if Baytril is right for your pet.
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