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* Starting at Just $22.49 - Estimated 25% Off Retail
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Information On Bio Spot For Dogs and Cats

Bio Spot is a non-prescription pet product with two varieties for dogs and cats. Bio Spot tends to be a little less expensive than some of the other comprehensive flea control meds sold by veterinarians. Actually, Bio Spot uses similar ingredients to some of these more expensive products and meds. And since it is not a veterinarian based product it is often found in farm and garden co-ops and popular pet store chains. However, if the wrong variety is used, it could be hazardous to your pet.
An important note: biospot for dogs (spray and spot on) contains ingredients not suitable for cats, so do not give biospot for dogs to your cat, instead you need to use the feline variety made just for them - biospot for cats. It is also important to know that some pets have also had adverse reactions to biospot. Even though it is readily available as a no prescription product it is still important to visit with your veterinarian before you buy regarding wether or not it's right for your specific pet's needs.
Bio Spot For Dogs: The dog variety of BioSpot utilizes the ingredient permethrin to help control mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. A similar product, K9 Advantix also contains Permethrin. It is important to know that some dogs have had serious adverse reactions to the Permethrin insecticide in these products. For fleas, Bio Spot contains (S)-Methoprene which is also found in Frontline Plus flea tick products to help fight fleas at all stages of development including Pupa and Larvae stages.
Bio Spot For Cats: It is important to remember that permethrin cannot be used on cats, as a matter of fact it can kill them, so the canine variety of Bio Spot should never be given to cats. Permethrin is so toxic to cats, that products like Advantix and BioSpot For Dogs that contain Permethrin should not even be used on a dog if there is a chance that a cat may be licking or grooming that specific dog. As a substitute, Bio Spot for Cats utilizes the ingredient Etofenprox instead of Permethrin to repel mosquitoes, ticks & fleas. Both Frontline Plus and Bio Spot have (S)-Methoprene for added flea control.
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