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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is a disease in dogs similar to Alzheimer's in humans. It is seen most often in dogs, however, cats can also show similar symptoms. Dogs with CDS may show signs of confusion and or other behavioral or personality changes as they grow older - changes that are not a normal part of the aging process.
Canine cognitive dysfunction symptoms may include signs of confusion, forgetfulness and a lack of responsiveness. Other symptoms include going to the bathroom in the house, disorientation, aloofness, and changes in sleeping habits. If your dog wanders aimlessly, has difficulty finding his way around the house, stops greeting beloved family members or fails to recognize familiar people, then these may be symptoms of CDS.
CDS is not easy to diagnose. Potential causes include physical and chemical changes in the brain of some older dogs. Because older dogs may also develop other health problems, diagnosis of CDS can only be reached after other medical conditions that have behavioral components have been ruled out. A thorough history, physical and neurological exam, and laboratory tests are necessary to make a diagnosis of CDS.
canine cognitive dysfunction dog, a syndrome affecting the canine personality and cognitive function similar to alzheimers in humans

Anipryl As A Treatment For Canine Cognitive Disease In Dogs

Anipryl, the first and only drug cleared by the FDA to control clinical signs associated with canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in dogs. Anipryl has brought new hope to dogs suffering from Canine Cognitive Disease. Anipryl works by increasing the amount of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) available in the brain and decreasing toxic free radical production. About 2/3 to 3/4 of dogs suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome show signs of improvement when given Anipryl. Side effects from Anipryl are possible and it should not be given in combination with some other medications including phenylpropanolamine. Your veterinarian can explain the use of Anipryl in more detail. Anipryl in combination with a little extra care and attention, might just help your dog live a fuller, happier life.
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