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The Capstar Flea Pill

Capstar flea control is a flea treatment available for both dogs and cats to kill fleas. Capstar is given orally and is formulated to start working within 30 minutes to eliminate all the adult fleas on your pet within four hours. Capstar flea killer works quickly to kill and treat fleas, however, capstar flea treatment effects last only 24 hours, so the pill is not meant to serve as preventative flea control against new fleas after the 24 hour period. According to Novartis, capstar meds can be given to dogs, cats, puppies & kittens who are at least 2 pounds and over 4 weeks of age.
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capster flea treatment flea control pill for dogs and cats

The Difference Between Capstar And Other Flea Treatments

There are several flea pills on the market today. Most of these flea pill meds such as Program, Trifexis, Comfortis, and Sentinel are designed to battle flea problems for up to thirty days. However, capstar is intended to work more as a flea treatment to kill fleas already present on your dog. It is not designed as a preventative product or to be effective for more than twenty four hours. Just the same, Capstar is effective, cost efficient and quick acting. Therefore, capstar can work well as a complimentary med to other flea control prevention products such as program, a flea growth inhibitor product also from Novartis. If your home and pets are suffering from a flea infestation you may wish to start by killing existing fleas on your pet with Capstar and then follow up with another flea control product to get rid of eggs, larvae or any future adult fleas that may come along. We like to use capstar for our own pets when we are traveling with them and need to quickly kill any fleas that could be present in any of the areas we may venture into. At those times, we use it in conjunction with our regular monthly flea preventative topical. However, always visit with your veterinarian to make sure it is alright for your particular pet to combine more than one product at the same time.
Capstar: Quickly kills adult fleas within thirty minutes to four hours, but effective for only 24 hours
Program: Prevents development of flea eggs for up to 30 days, but does not kill adult fleas.   Program Profile
Sentinel: Same ingredient as Program but with protection against heartworms too. For dogs only.   Sentinel Profile
Comfortis: Quickly kills adult fleas and provides protection for up to 30 days. For dogs only.   Comfortis Profile
Trifexis: Same ingredient as Comfortis, same heartworm ingredient as Sentinel. For dogs only.   Trifexis Profile
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Program Trifexis
Potential Industry Wide Manufacturing Shortage
The manufacturing plant where capstar is produced is currently undergoing renovations and some medications are expected to eventually become scares in supply. However, capstar is still in stock at most the stores where we send our shoppers.

Capstar Reviews

Capstar is not known for having adverse side effects, so for the most, the capstar review input is positive. Most shoppers liked how quickly it took effect and some had chosen to use it as a substitute for topical products. Personally, we like to use capstar in addition to our regular topicals such as frontline during those times when fleas are particularly challenging, such as when traveling and staying in "pet friendly" hotels or simply when spending a lot of time outside.
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