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A comprehensive section on antibiotics for dogs, cats, birds and fish
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Dog Antibiotics

Most dog antibiotics require a prescription from your pet's veterinarian. This is because they can have side effects and some dogs can have adverse reactions. They can also cause complications if given improperly or for too long. If it is hard to get your dog to take a pill, the antibiotic baytril is available in a tasty chewable tablet. However, as with all chewable pet meds you will want to be careful and keep the medication out of your pet's reach so they do not accidentally overdose on the product. There are also some liquid drop variety antibiotics that are popular for cats, but many, including cefa drops, amoxi drops, antirobe liquid, albon suspension and others can be given to dogs too. Your dog's veterinarian should know what antibiotic will work best for your dog's specific requirements. Some of the more sought after antibiotics for dogs among pet owners here at are amoxicillin, baytril, cipro, doxycycline, cephalexin, gentocin and amoxi drops.

Profiles On Popular Antibiotics For Dogs

Listed In Alphabetical Order
A low dosage rapidly absorbed sulfonamide antibiotic for dogs and cats available in liquid or tablet form.
A brand name, amoxicillin based, semi-synthetic broad spectrum penicillin type antibiotic from Pfizer
A broad spectrum, generic penicillin like antibiotic commonly used for respiratory, soft tissue, gastrointestinal, skin and other infections in dogs and cats. Amoxicillin is also a popular med for fighting infections in fish. The generic antibiotic amoxicillin is most commonly available as a capsule but it can also be found in other forms and varieties in brand name antibiotics for pets such as Amoxi Drops liquid suspension or Clavamox topical ointment.
A brand name medication for the generic med clindamycin available in liquid suspension or capsules. Antirobe is considered a narrower spectrum antibiotic and it is often prescribed to treat dental and bone infections in pets. However, it is sometimes prescribed to treat specific pus filled infection sites, bite wounds and abscesses a well.
Baytril is a popular antibiotic made by Bayer available in a wide variety of forms. It can be found in chewable tab, otic ear drop and coated tablet varieties. It is an enrofloxacin antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of infections including urinary, ear, skin, prostate, respiratory, gastrointestinal, wound and liver infections
Cefa Drops
A brand name for the antibiotic cefadroxil which is in the same class of antibiotics as cephalexin. Cefa antibiotic meds are available in liquid form for dogs and cats, and are often prescribed to treat bone, skin, wound, bladder and pneumonia issues in pets.
An antibiotic similar but not identical to Cefa used to treat skin, bone, wound, respiratory and bladder infections.
Clavamox meds contain the penicillin like broad spectrum antibiotic amoxicillin and another additional ingredient, clavulanate potassium to help extend the antibacterial spectrum for which the drug is effective.
A generic med for the brand name antibiotic Antirobe used to treat dental, bone and other specific infections. However, clindamycin is available in more forms than Antirobe including a topical solution and a fish variety too.
Gentamicin is often found in antibiotic eye medications used to treat conjunctivitis, dry eye inflammation and pigmentation of the cornea. It is also found in topical applications like Betagen, GentaVed and Gentocin sprays, ointments such as Otomax and some ear meds including Mometamax otic, GentaOtic and DVMax.
Metronidazole is the generic drug substitute for Flagyl, and is prescribed by veterinarians to treat a variety of conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, nonspecific diarrhea, Giardia and periodontal disease.
A broad spectrum brand name antibiotic tablet with orbifloxacin used in cats and dogs to treat various infections.
Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim is a broad spectrum antibiotic tablet used to treat a variety of infections, including respiratory, urinary tract, skin or gastrointestinal. An avian variety is also available.

Cat Antibiotic Meds

The more popular antibiotics for cats include those available in liquid drop form such as albon, cefa, amoxi, antirobe, clavamox, orbax and clinsol. Generics clindamycin and cephalexin are also available in drops. But cats are often prescribed antibiotic tablets too. Tablets can be a little more difficult to give to your cat as pilling is often difficult, but we have had some pretty good luck hiding the tablets in pill pockets and then giving them to our cats. Most of those listed above in our "Dog Antibiotic" section are also used to treat felines. However, there a few such as BioMox that should not be given to cats. Your veterinarian will know which ones are most suitable.
Related Liquid Drop Antibiotics For Cats:   Albon Amoxi Antirobe Cefa Cephalexin Clindamycin Clinsol

Antibiotics For Horses and Other Livestock

Equine antibiotics are most readily available in either tablets or injection. Gentamicin and Penicillin come in an injectable solution and are often given to horses as an injection. Tablet varieties include Doxycycline, Tetracycline and Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP). Tablets usually come in much larger doses than they do for dogs and cats. A prescription is usually required. Livestock antibiotics are also available for cattle, sheep, goats and swine. Tylan powder is a common choice for pigs and swine. However, there is some debate as to wether or not antibiotics should be given to beef or livestock destined for human consumption.

Aquatic Antibiotic Options For Fish

Many antibiotics that are popular for treating infections in dogs and cats are also available for fish. Most fish medications, including antibiotics, do not require a prescription. Fish antibiotics however usually have different names, short catchy names, that separate them from other pet meds. For instance, aquatic amoxicillin is called "Mox", penicillin "Cillin", cephalexin "Flex", ciprofloxacin "Flox", clindamycin "Cin", metronidazole "Zole", penicillin "Pen" erythromycin "Mycin" and tetracycline "Cycline". You'll also see some names for fish antibiotics with "Forte" on the end - this usually indicates a double strength dose. Fish medications usually come in dissolvable tablets..
Related Fish Antibiotics:   Fish Mox Cillin Flex Flox Cin Fish Fungus Zole Pen Cycline

Avian Antibiotics For Birds

Avian antibiotics for birds also usually have short, catchy names. Doxycycline Hyclate "Biotic", Penicillin "Bird Pen", Sulfamethoxazole And Trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP) "Sulfa", and "Cycline" for Tetracycline. Thomas Labs products are a popular choice among bird owners and they make a wide range of medications to treat birds including racing pigeons, game birds and exotic avian pets.   Bird medications often come in capsule and the contents are added to the bird's drinking water for treatment. Most bird antibiotics do not require a prescription.

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