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Buy all your pet's ear health products including cleansers and prescription otic medications online at discount.

Preventing And Treating Ear Problems

The list of cat and dog ear medications and cleansers available today is a long one. Some prescription pet medications are designed to help with yeast problems or other various infections once they have gotten started and others are designed to help clean the ear and foster a healthy environment to prevent problems from starting in the first place. Just like their human counterparts dogs can get ear problems from swimming or from too much moisture in the ear. Allergies can also cause ear problems for dogs and cats. When people get allergies symptoms may include sneezing, watery eyes and a stuffy nose, whereas in dogs allergies often cause red itchy ears. Prevention is key.
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Cleaners, Wax Removal, Swimmer's Ear & Drying Astringents

Otic cleansers to help maintain a healthy environment within the ear, remove wax and dry the ear after swimming.
alocetic antimicrobiial ear cleanser with aloe vera
AloCetic Cleansing Formulation   Alocetic Cleansing Formulation w/ Acetic Acid And Aloe Vera
Antimicrobial, antiseptic, alcohol free cleansing formulation in a soothing aloe base. Acetic Acid offers antimicrobial and drying benefits while the aloe provides natural soothing benefits and odor control.
Auror-UM Ear Cleaner   Auror-Um Alcohol Free External Dog Ear Cleaner
A gentle, alcohol-free, solution for cleaning dog ears. Also helps prevent dog ear mites and cankers.
Cerulytic   Cerulytic Dewaxing Ear Solution
A specially formulated ear solution for dogs and cats for dewaxing ears prior to the use of a specific ear treatment.
Cerumene Ear Wax Removal   Cerumene Ear Wax Softener And Deep Cleanser
Softens and loosens ear wax to work as a non-irritating, deep-cleanser for routine cleaning prior to medication.
dermapet otic meds - trizdeta flush, malacetic drying agent and klearwax veterinarian cleanser
DermaPet Otic Products   DermaPet Otic Cleaning and Ear Treatment Products
Popular ear cleansers and treatments for pets including malacetic otic with acetic and boric acid plus trizedta aqueous flush for better pet ear health. DermaPet products are cruelty-free, biodegradable, non-polluting, environmentally sensitive and packaged in recyclable containers.
Earoxide   Earoxide Pet Ear Cleaner With Bubbling Action
Designed to wash away dirt and wax with a painless, bubbling action. Eliminates the need for painful and potentially harmful swabbing or probing of your pet's ear canal. For dogs and cats.
Epi-Otic   Epi-Otic - One Of The Most Widely Used Pet Ear Cleansers
A popular med - a mild, alcohol-free otic cleansing and ear drying solution for both cats and dogs. Useful for routine cleaning or as a pre-treatment solution to remove dead tissue and debris. Designed to leave the ear canal clean and dry without being irritating. Formulated to suppress wax production and reduce the presence of fungus and bacteria.
Malacetic Otic   Malacetic Cleanser from DermaPet
A pH balanced med from the DermaPet line with acetic and boric acid to clean moist waxy, odiforous ears. Effective against swimmers ear and the bacteria that causes it. Hypo-allergenic, all natural, free of dyes and alcohol. The traditional Malacetic Otic is still available, however Malacetic HC with hydrocortisone has been discontinued.
Nolvasan Otic Pet Ear Cleaner   Nolvasan For Cleaning And Debris Removal
A popular product among veterinarians, and one of our personal favorites as well, due to its effectiveness and pleasant odor. Nolvasan is designed for the general cleaning of ears of dogs and cats and to aid in removal of debris.
OtiCalm   Alcohol Free OtiCalm with Eucalyptus Oil
A general cleaning formulation with Eucalyptus Oil for use in the ears of dogs and cats. Alcohol free odor control too.
OtiFoam w/ Foaming Action   OtiFoam Foaming Action Pet Ear Cleanser
A foaming action ear cleanser with surface acting agents which loosen and dislodge excessive wax formation. Good to loosen wax prior to flushing ears with an ear cleaner. For use in dogs and cats.
OtiRinse   OtiRinse Ear Antiseptic in 8oz and Gallon Sizes
A pleasantly fragranced antiseptic ear solution for dogs and cats. Prescribed to clear wax and debris within the ear canal. Often used in the long term management of milder recurrent ear wax problems. Available in Gallon Sizes too.
ear relief pet cleaning swabs
Pet Swabs Ear Relief   Pre Filled Ear Cleaning Swabs
Designed to make ear health easier to maintain. Hollow plastic shafts are filled with the right amount of ear wash solution. Snap the tip of the swab to release the fluid into the cotton tip and your ready for cleaning your dog or cat's ears. Relieves itching and odor in your pet's ears too.
Malacetic Otic Skin and Ear Cleanser   Malacetic Skin Cleanser
A hypoallergenic and PH balanced skin & ear cleanser without dyes, alcohol or pain killers.
T8 Ear Rinse Solution   T8 Solution Pre Ear Medications Cleanser
From DVM Pharmaceuticals, for rinsing ears to aid in the removal of debris before medicated and antibiotic therapies.
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution   Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution
Pleasantly scented formula with Ethanol made to clean, dry, acidify, and deodorize the ear canal of cats and dogs.
Vet Solutions Swimmer's Ear Astringent   Vet Solutions Swimmer's Ear Prevention For Dogs
Antiseptic drying gel and deodorant to help combat the growth of bacteria and yeast in the ear that can cause ear problems. Routine use helps maintain a moisture free environment. Great for after swimming, bathing and cleaning. Gel melts at body temperature, then evaporates rapidly and completely. Exceptional drying activity without over-drying.
Wax-O-Sol   Wax O Sol Dewaxing Med
A cleansing agent to help soften and loosen ear wax accumulation for the removal of ear wax in pets.

Otic Solution Medications and Prescription Rx Ear Drops

Buy otic solution pet medications and prescription ear drops online for cats and dogs at discount prices
Baytril Otic   Baytril Solution Ear Drops
baytril otic solution
Otic solution form of a popular antibiotic with enrofloxacin and antimicrobial, anti-infective properties
Genta-Otic   GentaOtic Antibiotic Ear Drops
Generic Gentocin Otic (Gentamicin Sulfate with betamethasone Valerate) solution for dogs and cats.
Mometamax Solution   Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotic and Anti-fungal Rx Ear Med
A triple action rx ear medication with mometasone, gentamicin sulfate and clotrimazole.
Neomycin & Polymyxin B Sulfates & Hydrocortisone Otic Solution   RX Required Anti-inflammatory Otic Solution
A sterile antibacterial and anti-inflammatory prescription required solution for otic use in pets. Available 10ml bottle.
Surolan Drops   RX Required Combined Ingredient Triple Action Drops
A popular antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory prescription required ear drop for dogs
alocetic antimicrobiial ear cleanser with aloe vera
Synotic RX Otic Solution   Synotic Pain and Inflammation Ear Medication
Synotic Otic (fluocinolone acetonide plus dmso) used by dogs in the ear to relieve inflammation and pain due to chronic allergies or infections. Synotic contains a corticosteroid to help inflammation of the ear.
Tresaderm Ear Medication   Tresaderm Otic Pet Medication
An ear medication from Merial, prescribed often by veterinarians to treat ear infections in dogs and cats
zymox with hydrocortisone hydrocortisone free zymox
Zymox With Hydrocortisone 1%   Zymox Otic Enzymatic Ear Solution - Hydrocortisone 1%
For the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, viral and yeast infections.
Zymox Otic Without Hydrocortisone   Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution - Hydrocortisone Free
For the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, viral and yeast infections.

Ointment Based Otic And Rx Ear Medications

Buy otic ointment pet medications and prescription ear meds online for cats and dogs at discount prices
Animax Ointment Ear Medication   Animax Anti-inflammatory Ear Ointment
Used for chronic otitis externa or external ear canal disease. Animax reacts this common condition in dogs & cats by reducing inflammation of the soft tissue components of the external ear canal.
Dermalone Ointment   Dermalone Ear Ointment Medication
An antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, ointment for dogs and cats. Prescribed often by veterinarians.
DVMax Otic Ear Ointment   DVMax - Otomax Alternative
Same 3 antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients as Otomax to treat canine external ear issues.
panalog ointment
Otomax Ointment   Otomax Ointment Multipurpose Ointment
Otomax ointment is commonly prescribed to treat chronic otitis externa ear problems
Panalog Ointment   Panalog Ointment Medication
Panalog is a combination antipruritic, antimicrobial, antifungal, and corticosteroid used to
treat a variety of pet health problems, and sometimes used to treat ear problems as well.

Ear Sprays For Dogs And Cats

Buy otic and ear pet medications for dogs and cats in spray form online at discount
Miconazole Spray 1%   Miconazole 1% Antifungal Spray
Antifungal spray with miconazole nitrate sometimes used for the treatment of fungal ear infections in dogs and cats.

Powders Used To Treat The Ears

Buy powder pet medications used to treat the ears online at discount
Neo-Predef Powder   Neo-Predef with Tetracaine Powder
Used to treat a variety of conditions in dogs and cats including minor wounds, pain and inflammation. Rx required.

Pet Ear Mite Treatments And Products

Buy ear mite treatments, rx mite pet medications and products online at discount.
acarexx feline ear mite treatment for kittens and cats
Acarexx Otic Suspension   Otic Solution with Ivermectin For Cats and Kittens
Otic solution containing ivermectin used to treat ear mite infestations in cats and kittens.
Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment   Eradimite Tick and Mite Treatment
Contains 0.15% Pyrethrins to kill ear mites and ticks, aids in ear wax removal.
Otomite Ear Mite Treatment   Otomite Cleanser and Mite Treatment
A low PH product and ear cleanser designed to eliminates ear mites in dogs and cats
without irritation. Otomite contains the highest levels of synergized pyrethrins available.
Revolution For Dogs And Cats   Flea, Tick Heartworm, and Ear Mite Control
A monthly topical liquid medication which is most often used for flea, tick and heartworm prevention. However,
Revolution for pets is also formulated for the prevention and control of ear mites as well.

Homeopathic Pet Ear Remedy Products

Buy homeopathic, holistic, all natural or herbal pet ear remedy products online at discount.
Animals' Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse   All Natural Herbal Ear Rinse
Herbal ear rinse designed to gently wash away excess ear wax, dirt and other foreign materials for soothing, all-natural relief from minor irritations of the outer ears.
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Popular Ear Meds
Popular Meds & Rx Otic Items
Acarexx   Ear Mite Treatment
AloCetic   Ear Cleanser
Auror-UM   Ear Cleanser
Animax   Ointment Medication
Baytril Otic   Antibiotic Drops
Cerulytic   Wax Removal
Cerumene   Wax Removal
DermaPet   Msc. Ear Cleansers
Dermalone   Ointment Rx Med
Earoxide   Bubbling Cleanser
Epi-Otic   Alcohol Free Cleanser
Eradimite   Ear Mite Treatment
Malacetic   DermaPet Cleanser
Mometamax   Rx Ear Solution
Miconazole   Anti-fungal Spray
Neo-predef   Ear Powder
Nolvasan   Fresh Cleanser
OtiCalm   Alcohol Free Cleaner
OtiFoam   Foaming Action
Otomax   Ear Ointment
Otomite   Low PH Mite Med
OtiRinse   Antiseptic Ear Rinse
Panalog   Ointment Med
Pet Swabs   Pre-filled Shafts
Revolution   Flea Heartworm
Surolan   Ear Drop Rx Med
Synotic   Ear Drop Rx Med
Tresaderm   Ear Drop Rx Med
Zymox   Hydrocortisone Free
Zymox 1%   w/ Hydrocortisone
Choosing An Ear Cleanser
The list of available pet ear cleaning products is extensive, this is because there are so many different methods and ingredients that can be used to maintain your cat or dog's ear health. Potential ingredients can include aloe vera, eucalyptus, boric acid and much more. And objectives can include anything from swimmer's ear prevention to wax removal to deodorizing. Even though many ear products are non-prescription, as always, it is best to visit with your pet's veterinarian first, before you buy, as to which product will work best for your specific cat or dog.
Swimmer's Ear Prevention
Your pet can get "Swimmer's Ear" just like their human friends can. Basically swimmer's ear is a nickname for the medical term otitis externa, which can be an irritation, inflammation and or infection of the ear often caused by moisture in the ear which breaks down the skin in the ear canal and allows bacteria or fungi to penetrate through. Your dog doesn't have to actually go "swimming" to have this or other similar ear problems - allergies, scratching, a humid environment or simply another pets cleaning and licking of the ears can cause it too. There are several products on the market today including Swimmer's Ear Astringent from Vet Solutions, designed to help keep the ear dry and clean to pro actively prevent ear problems.
Allergies And Ear Problems
We've personally seen our own pet's suffer from a lot of ear problems throughout the years. Ear problems can be very frustrating and difficult to cure especially if the cause of the issue keeps recurring. One of the first things we've learned to check is wether or not allergies may be an underlying cause.
This includes food allergies as well. We've run food allergy tests on almost all of our dogs at one time or another and the results are always surprising, for instance identified allergies have included common food items like rice and chicken. Often just switching foods has been helpful. On occasion however we've had to switch to Ultra ZD, a prescription dog food produced under stringent conditions to be hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, we have one dog that we have tried different foods on, including the highest grade most expensive ones available and she always has ear flare ups, except when she is on Ultra ZD.
Once food allergies have been ruled out you may want to look to the environment, pets can be allergic to mold, pollen and other contaminates in the air just like we can. Only instead of a runny nose, they often get itchy, red, inflamed ears that can lead to ear infections. At such times your veterinarian may prescribe an oral antihistamine medication.
Rx Required Products
Ear meds can do more harm than good if not used properly. Always visit with your veterinarian before purchasing a pet ear product wether they be non-prescription or rx required.
You will also want to thoroughly follow your veterinarian's precise instructions carefully including continuing treatment as long as they advise even if the visible symptoms have subsided.
It is very important to note here that prescriptions are required for your pet's safety, reputable pharmacies will always want to confirm your pet prescription before filling your order - beware of pharmacies that do not check.
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