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pill pockets make giving a dog or cat their pill easier to do

Giving Your Cat or Dog A Pill - Medicating Accessories

Soft, shapeable pill pockets are a great way to give a pill to a dog or cat. A tasty nutritious treat that come in a resealable foil package for lasting freshness. We have several older pets and dispense several pills out several times a day, pill pockets make the process much easier and faster. Regarding pilling a cat - quite frankly were afraid of our cat's teeth, Pill Pockets have always solved that problem for us, even our finicky cats love them. We've even used pill pockets for oral liquid drop medication too.
the piller gun for easy medication administration to pets
Another option is a pill gun which allows you to insert a pill into your cat's mouth without having to put your hand in at the same time too. Better they bite down on the pill gun than your hand. First, hold the loaded piller in your fist with your thumb on the plunger. Second, gently place the rubber tip with pill on the back of tongue and push the plunger to release the pill. Next, quickly remove the pill gun and gently hold the mouth closed until the pill is swallowed, hold the mouth closed loosely enough to allow them to move their jaw and swallow the pill. We believe it is best to have your veterinarian hands-on train you directly the first time you use a piller or give medication to your cat. They may have a different ideas as to what will work best for your specific cat's needs.
the electronic tag for dog collars is a great way to store your pet's medication instructions and requirements
pet pill cutters, splitters, and boxes

Medication Notifiers For Dog Collars

The electronic e-tag for dog collars is a great way to store information in case your pet is ever lost and found, including meds requirements.   Digital E-Tag With Medication Information In 5 Colors

Pill Crushers, Splitters, Grinders and Boxes

Universal Multi-Shape Pill Splitter and Cutter   The easiest way to split pills yet, this universal pill splitter comes with 12 holder shapes, enabling it to hold and split just about any shape medication.
Turning Crank Pill Grinder   Old fashioned crank style pill grinder offering hand held convenience, place one or two pills in the cup and turn the wheel to grind your meds into a powder as needed.
Precision Accurate Sharp Blade Medication Splitter A sharp blade for cutting pills in half accurately when precise dosing is important. A nice medications accessory to have available when needed.

Seven Day Vitamin and Medications Reminders and Organizers

Pets taking a lot of meds can benefit from organizers too. Below you'll find seven day organizers, from left to right, a basic yet jumbo size seven day compartment pill minder, a seven day four times a day compartment medications organizer, and, a seven day seven compartment medication holder with a built in easy to use pill timer and reminder.
basic seven day jumbo pill minder seven day four times a day medication organizer seven day organizer with built in timer
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