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Certifect is a monthly topical flea control product for dogs with extra tick protection too
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Certifect Topical Flea & Tick Control For Dogs

Certifect is a new flea and tick control product from Merial for use in dogs only. It is similar in some ways to the Frontline Plus product line and both contain the ingredients Fipronil and S-methoprene. However, certifect also has amitraz, an additional ingredient designed to work together with fipronil to provide stronger tick control protection. Amitraz is a key ingredient in some of the preventic tick collars and mitaban dips. Certifect is designed to be waterproof tick protection so your dogs can go swimming or be bathed between monthly applications. It also helps control chewing lice and sarcoptic mange. Certifect should never be used on cats. Pet owners who have dogs and cats living in the same household may wish to avoid using certifect if there is any chance their cats may come into contact with the topical by sleeping, playing or sharing the same area with their canine companion. Dogs with diabetes and heart disease may wish to avoid certifect as well. Potential side effects, adverse reactions and drug interactions are possible, so you will want to visit with your veterinarian first before starting your dog on a certifect flea tick preventative treatment.
certifect for dogs has amitraz for stronger protection against ticks - inside, outside and in the woods

A Summary Of Online Reviews

Certifect is a new med so there were not a large number of opinions to review at this time. The few reviews available so far seem to be mixed. Some pet owners saw a lot of improvement in their tick problems and were quite satisfied, however, there were also some pet owners who believed the product had made their dog sick. The extra punch that certifect is designed to deliver against ticks may be very advantageous to some dogs, but there will also be those with certain health conditions that may wish to avoid the product. This is one of the reasons you should always visit thoroughly with your veterinarian to see what will be safest and work best for your particular pet's very specific needs.
a video about applying certifect and other similar flea and tick control
Applying Certifect
Video with helpful information on applying certifect dog products.
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