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Comfortis is a flea pill for dogs given monthly by mouth to kill and control adult fleas
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About Comfortis For Dogs - Monthly Flea Control Pill

There have been a few oral flea control products that have come out in the past, including Capstar, Sentinel and Program. However, the comfortis flea pill is the first one that kills adult fleas for an entire month. Program and Sentinel are also oral flea meds, however, they are designed to kill fleas in the larvae and pupae stages only - they do not kill adult fleas like Comfortis does. Comfortis flea is just the opposite, it kills fleas in the adult stages only and will not prevent the hatching and growth of larvae. Like Comfortis, Capstar is also a chewable given by mouth. But capstar flea killer only acts on fleas that are on the dog at the time the pill is given. Capstar does not offer the month long residual effect that Comfortis does.
Comfortis, made by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, contains the ingredient Spinosad which works by circulating within the dog's bloodstream where it targets the biting flea's nervous system to cause paralysis and death - but without having the same effect on the dog's nervous system as it does on the biting flea itself.
  comfortis flea control pill for dogs kills adult fleas for up to one month

A Summary Of Comfortis Reviews

Most comfortis reviews were positive with several pet owners stating that it had worked better than other flea meds tried in the past. We also had a friend's dog that tried it with great success. However, some pet owners reported comfortis side effects and stated that their dogs had adverse reactions to comfortis including vomiting.

Comfortis Side Effects

It is important to know that some dog's have had adverse reactions and/or side effects from Comfortis including but not limited to vomiting, decreased appetite, lethargy, hyperactivity and increased salivation. In June 2008, the FDA released a warning that some dogs have had adverse reactions when taking Comfortis and Ivermectin concurrently. Ivermectin is a common ingredient in several other heartworm prevention medications including Iverhart and Heartgard products. Always discuss the use of any new product, including non-prescription meds and supplements that your pet is taking with your veterinarian - before buying and administering them to your pet. Include all food, supplements, vitamins, meds, and flea & heartworm products your dog is currently taking.
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Comfortis For Cats
comfortis is sometimes prescribed for cats
Comfortis may be prescribed for cats, although dosages will vary compared to dogs.
Always visit with your pet's veterinarian to decide if comfortis is a good choice for your specific cat's needs.
Once they have prescribed the proper dose, just go to our source to buy comfortis for dogs and get it there.
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