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Cool Dog Names

A pet name with a hip, sophisticated sound in honor of the famous retailer and fashion trend setter.

Means smart in Hawaiian, pronounced "AH kuh my". A cool dog name idea for the intelligent canine.

The brave hero and king in the Lord of the Rings books and movies. Seems fitting for any proud "protector"

Means "warrior of the people" in German, pronounced "DEE-tah", great for Rottweilers and Schnauzers

Means "adopt" in hawaiian, pronounced "hun-eye". It's only natural for a lucky dog to be
named lucky but this options offers a nice alternative to that popular favorite used by so many.

Scotch & Soda
A cute name for any pet duo especially black and white dogs

A fun name with a wise guy kind of feel to it for the beloved new puppy, kitten or other little tough guy in your life

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