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Deramaxx For Dogs

The Current Manufacturing And Supply Shortage Of Deramaxx
Novartis temporarily halted production of certain products at its Lincoln, Nebraska plant several months ago. We have heard some speculation within the industry regarding the cause but have not talked to any veterinarians that were concerned about the products that have already been produced and there have been no recalls on any items. According to a Novartis website, "several quality and regulatory reviews determined that system upgrades and other improvements were needed to enhance the facility's processes and functions so that it could better meet the needs of our customers in the future". Personally, we feel comfortable with the quality of their products, past, present and future. Several Novartis medications, flea and heartworm control products have been effected by the shutdown including deramaxx, sentinel, interceptor, capstar and program. DiscountPetMedicines.com has been one of the best sources to locate the remaining supply of Deramaxx and other Novartis items, as the stores we work with usually buy in larger quantities. However, even these pharmacies have eventually run out of stock and there are no providers we know and feel comfortable sending shoppers to for this arthritis medication at this time. However, we expect that once production begins again that we will be one of the first to identify who has the first supply.
Sample Online Discount & Deramaxx Cost
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* Cost and discounts are as posted by pharmacies on an earlier date and are subject to change without notice.
Deramaxx Alternatives: Choosing an alternative to a specific medication usually means looking for similarities between drugs. First, what kind of drug is it? Next, what does it treat? The main ingredient is also important. Other considerations include flavor and wether or not it is chewable. Potential substitutes to Deramaxx identified by online pharmacies include Rimadyl and its generics, Previcox, and Metacam. They all contain different ingredients from one another, but all medications are considered to be an NSAID drug, also known as a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory. All of them are sometimes prescribed by veterinarians to treat canine arthritis, pain and inflammation, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, fever and surgery pain. Deramaxx, Rimadyl and Previcox all offer chewable varieties. Some of the Rimadyl generic alternatives are non-palatable caplets rather than chewables they might consider tasty. Rimadyl is pork flavored and the others are beef. Aspirin is also sometimes used to help with inflammation and some pet owners prefer cosequin or glycoflex supplements as safer choices.

Information On Deramaxx - Use, Sizes, Side Effects, Drug Interactions and Generic Deracoxib

Many dogs develop osteoarthritis as they go through life, often initiated by age or injury. Some potential signs to watch for that might indicate your dog is developing arthritis include difficulty jumping or climbing stairs, difficulty squatting, limping and stiffness after exercise. If your dog shows any of these signs you may wish to ask your veterinarian about Deramaxx.
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Deramaxx for dogs was made by Novartis as a treatment to help battle the everyday chronic pain that osteoarthritis can bring. It is also used sometimes used to help treat post operative arthritis surgery related pain. The generic ingredient in deramaxx is deracoxib, however there is not currently a deracoxib deramaxx generic alternative available as a substitute for the brand name medication. Deramaxx comes in several dosage sizes including 25 mg, 75 mg and 100 mg chewables in an easy to administer, tasty, beef flavored, scored, palatable tablet. About 94% of dogs that try a deramaxx treatment for arthritis have shown positive signs of improvement. However, it is important to know that side effects are possible including potentially serious liver, kidney or digestive problems. Side effect symptoms include, but are not limited to, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or bloody stools.
There are also certain medications, including both prescription and non-prescription items, even some supplements, that can have serious consequences if taken concurrently with deramaxx or other NSAIDs. Once again, a very important reason to visit with your veterinarian first regarding wether or not deramaxx is right for your specific pet. Your dog's doctor should be able to help you with determining a safe combination of health products for your pet's overall care. For the discussion to be productive, be sure and discuss with them all other medication and pet health products currently being taken including non-prescription items, flea, heartworm and tick control, your dog's daily habits and lifestyle, the expected cost of a deramaxx treatment regimen, and potential risks & side effects.
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Summary Of Online Deramaxx Reviews:

Most of the reviews regarding Deramaxx arthritis medication were positive with most pet owners mentioning quick results and a restored freedom of movement for their pets including less stiffness, enjoying walks, jumping, chasing toys and a general increase in mobility. Deramaxx can have some serious side effects and it was interesting to see how many pet owners realized this and still felt the product's benefits were worth the risk, but they were also astute enough to advise the proper testing, monitoring and strict adherence to their dog's veterinarian's instructions. Many pet owner's advised proper screening before starting Deramaxx to make sure the liver and kidneys were healthy enough to use the drug. One pet owner believed their dog had died due to using Deramaxx and felt that if they had done the proper screening to find out that it had impaired kidney function before they started Deramaxx that the death could have been avoided. It is always important to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian about your own pet's health and related medications before beginning any drug treatment regimen. Proper screening for undiscovered existing health conditions that your dog may have can be very important before using deramaxx.
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