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Dog Friendly Hotel, Dog Hiking, Camping and Travel Guides

The books and guides you need to learn about dog friendly hotels and hiking trails and how to camp together
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A Beautiful Dog Friendly Luxury Hiking and Spa Vacation Resort

The Peaks Resort in Telluride offers an exquisite dog friendly hotel hiking and spa experience
The Peaks Resort Golden Door Spa
When money is no object, and when is it when it comes to a luxury vacation with our pets, the Peaks Resort Golden Door offers some incredible dog friendly resort choices where
dog friendly hotel spas for travel, hiking, relaxation and more from the Golden Door Spas
you can hike, spa and rest. Their luxurious resort hotel and spa in Telluride, Colorado, and their incredibly gorgeous Golden Door Spa in Carefree, Arizona offer incredible mountain and vista views and beautiful wilderness areas are close by for an enjoyable dog hiking experience with your pet. Afterwards, pampered pets at The Peaks Telluride resort might enjoy an outing at the hotel's specialized spa just for dogs, while their owners unwind in the "people" one. Or, if you want, they'll even take your dog hiking for you. And, after you and your pet's busy day is through, they have a luxurious dog bed waiting in your room for your friend's comfort.

Dog Friendly Hotel, Hiking, Outdoor, Camping & Travel Books

How to books and dog friendly travel guides for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to take their pets along on their adventures, including places to stay, hiking spots & pet/owner combination cabin camping trips.
Field Guide: Dog First Aid Emergency Care for the Hunting, Working and The Outdoor Dog
The outdoors can be a dangerous place for dogs and this easy to pack 4" x 6" guide can be a handy item to take a along in your pack. A first aid guide, with an easy to navigate spiral binding, this little book covers a wide variety of emergencies and treatments including surgical stapling, removal from traps, bandaging techniques, bone fractures, allergic reactions, choking, burns, fish hook injuries, drowning, frost bite, gunshot wounds, paw pad problems and much more. Designed for pet owners unable to reach a vet within 20 minutes it also provides information on how to prevent injuries and illnesses to start with.
best hikes with dogs hiking travel guide
Best Hikes with Dogs
A great collection of books with information on places you can hike with your dog, Most books focus on locations with a dog friendly environment, terrain that's hazard-free and easy on the paws, shade and water rich environments, no leashes required and limited crowds. However, some locations and trails may be more difficult, most authors either rank the trail's difficulty level or they note potential hazards and restrictions for the sake of selection and better preparedness. Some also offer helpful information on what to pack for your dog, including first aid items and proper documentation for border crossings. Available editions include trail locations in Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Bay Area, Las Vegas, Vermont, Washington and the In- land Northwest. Parks, trails & streets are listed complete with index and illustrations
A Guide to Backpacking With Your Dog
Backpacking and hiking can be hazardous to both people and pets so it is important to know what your getting into and whether or not it is for you and/or your specific pet. Outdoor adventures often require proper training, preparation and an obedient pet as well. A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog by dog-owner and backpacking expert Charlene LaBell is a no-nonsense guide to the ins and outs of enjoying vigorous outdoors hiking with one's canine pets. Individual chapters address necessary training and conditioning, mountain biking, geocaching, selecting a dog back pack that properly fits your canine, bringing along the right amount of food for oneself and one's dog, legal and permit issues and more.
fodor's road guide usa places to stay with your pet
Pet Travel and Fun Authority: 35,000+ Accommodations, Camps, Beaches, Boating ...
Over 35,000 dog friendly places, camp sites, beaches, attractions, parks and more.
Fodor's Road Guide USA: Where to Stay with Your Pet
A directory of pet friendly places to stay from the travel experts you've grown to trust including 5,219 motels, hotels, B&Bs, lodges, and resorts covering 50 states and 2,169 cities and towns. Accommodations in all price ranges are covered with a brief description of the property and a complete listing of its facilities and amenities. A helpful travel book.
The Canine Hiker's Bible
A book packed with 225 dog-friendly parks and trails complete with black-and-white photographs, descriptive information, common rules and regulations for dogs in national parks, practical tips for caring for a dog while hiking in high altitudes or desert conditions, and so much more. A handy pet travel guide.

Web Sites with Helpful Information On Outdoor Pet Travels

Online sources for helpful information on camping, hiking and traveling with your pet.
Dog Scouts .com
DogScouts.com offers some exciting dog camp vacations in beautiful Michigan where dogs and Their owners can cabin camp, learn new skills, bond closer together and just plain have fun. Their web site has all the information you need plus some great information on conditioning, training, preparing and traveling with your pet, including how to choose the right back pack for your pet and how to use it too.
Pets Welcome .com
A source for finding pet friendly hotel and lodging locations by area and category, search by bed and breakfast, beach, cabin, ski resort, kennel, rentals, hotel chain and more. Emergency vet listings too.
Pets On The Go .com
Dog friendly hotel listings and a pet friendly property search covering over 30,000 properties. However, they also have some great information on domestic and international pet travel including various regulations and quarantine requirements. Also, pet friendly restaurants, recreational resources, tour together information, hip hotels and luxurious accommodations. The site with answers to your questions.
portable dog tent for camping, travel and home

Dog Back Packs, Tents and Hiking Camping Gear

If your going camping with your pet you'll want to be sure and include a tent to keep him or her happy. We've found some great portable pet tent products that we think you'll like to see including pop up, rapid assembly, above ground, luxury and "just like the people tent" selections. Just about all of these dog tents would be as much fun for living room camp outs as they would for a hike in the woods. We've also found some great back packs and other camping with your dog equipment you'll enjoy seeing. A must for finding all your outdoor dog gear.

Pet Flotation Devices, Dog Life Vests and Water Safety Products

A helpful selection of water safety products to make your pet's outdoor recreation experience safer
Pet Flotation Devices, Boat Ladders, Dog Life Vests and Water Safety Products
The place to go to locate all the great new gadgets and helpful solutions for sharing your summer water recreation fun with your pet. The latest in dog life jackets, floatation devices, boat ladders for canines and swimming pool exit ramps. Some really cool new products you water lovers won't want to miss.

Innovative and Helpful Pet Travel Products

A collection of helpful products for taking your pet along for the ride
take your little dog along with an english bike basket for pets
English Bike Baskets and Other Innovative and Helpful Pet Travel Products
We've found some really helpful and fun pet travel products for you to see including this darling wicker english bike basket with safety cage enclosure. You'll also find darling double decker pet strollers for two, mass information electronic dog tags, dog crate accessories, designer carriers and much more.

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