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Names For Tiny, Toy, Little, And Small Dogs

A pet name with a hip, sophisticated sound in honor of the famous retailer and fashion trend setter.

The satire behind this makes it a really fun name for small dogs that think they are big tough guys

The beautiful yellow, spring flower. A great pet name idea for sweet little dogs yellow in color.

A sweet little dog name that reminds you of a beautiful day, also, Granny Clampet's name on Beverly Hillbillies

A cute name for dogs or cats that look like the little Gremlin good guy Gizmo in the movie Gremlins

Means "child" in hawaiian, pronounced "kay-kee"

Fun for dogs who love to eat their kibble, kibble bites are usually small

Means pretty in french, a nice choice for a poodle or bichon frise

A name with a spanish sound, we like it best for little pets, especially birds and chihuahuas

For little ones after the mythical little pixies

Pippin was a nickname for one of the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. His curiosity had
a way of always getting himself and others into trouble. Still he was brave, loyal, always up
for the task and ended up being a big help in "saving the world" in spite of his small size.

Great idea for a little cat, bird or dog, it just sounds affectionate!

A fun name for white pets, especially if they are lively and they like to jump around

Represents "the second born", pronounced "too-ee" as in the number two, an alternate to junior for girls

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