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Discount Flea Tick and Heartworm Control

Discounts On Popular Products Like Comfortis, Frontline, Heartgard And Many Others
Discount prices on popular flea control and heartworm prevention. Helpful information on related topics such as choosing the flea and heartworm products that best fit the needs of both you and your pet, prescriptions for heartworm meds and alternative flea control methods.

Flea and Heartworm Control

Trying to decide what flea and heartworm medication to choose for your dog or cat these days can be kind of confusing. The factors to consider will vary according to you and your pet's needs. There are several things to consider, for instance do you want to use two different products, one for flea control and another for heartworm prevention, or would you rather find a product that will take care of both problems in one. Also, you will want to decide wether you would prefer to give a pill or treat the problem topically. You will also want to determine what other parasites you might like to address, for instance, Advantix helps repel mosquitoes too and Revolution flea and heartworm helps fight against ear mites. Cost of course is an important factor. And last but not least, you will also want to consider potential side effects, many flea and heartworm preventative medications do have them. We've put together some information here to help you examine the many options and to determine which product is just right for you and your pet. Today, there are many generic substitutes for some of the popular brand name meds like Frontline and Heartgard, but in general, different products are truly different from one another and results will vary accordingly. So, if you are searching for a new product you may wish to read through each profile carefully. We've also found some great low discount prices on all of them for you too.

Flea and Heartworm Combined

Protection against both fleas and heartworms combined in one medication
Flea and Heartworm Pills:   Trifexis divider Sentinel    
Topical Spot On Control:   Revolution Flea Heartworm divider Advantage Multi

Flea Control Only

Products that control fleas but do not include a heartworm preventative

Heartworm Only

Pet meds offering heartworm prevention - but without flea control
Heartworm Pills:   Heartgard divider Iverhart divider Tri-Heart divider Interceptor    
  discount flea, tick and heartworm control for a better life with your pet

Discount Prices On Popular Flea & Heartworm Control

Below listed discounts are based on prices posted by stores in June 2012 and are subject to change without notice
Save 40% - 50% Off Suggested Retail:   Trifexis divider Advantage Multi divider Advantage Flea divider Capstar divider Iverhart divider Bio Spot
Save 20% - 40% Off Suggested Retail:   Comfortis divider Frontline Plus divider Revolution divider Advantix divider Certifect divider Heartgard divider NexGard

Two Very Important Flea Control Considerations

When you are comparing and contrasting flea control you will want to consider price and how you would like to administer the med. However, the two most important considerations are often wether or not it is for dogs only, and at what particular life cycle of the flea does it do it's control. Many shoppers don't realize that some popular flea products such as Sentinel and Program only kill fleas in the developing stages, they do not kill adult fleas. The Capstar flea pill kills adults but is only effective for 24 hours. For a long time this was a big dilemma when trying to decide between topical or flea pill varieties, as most topicals will kill adults and last up to one month. However, there are now two new flea pills, Comfortis and Trifexis, which will kill adult fleas for up to one month.
Another consideration to think about when choosing either flea control or heartworm prevention is wether or not your choice is for dogs only. Never give a "dog's only" product to your cat, the reason for this is that a cat's physiology is different from a dog's and some ingredients that are safe for dogs can actually be harmful to cats. If it is a flea pill you are considering then simply do not give it to your cat, however, if it is a topical and you have a cat in your household, things may not be quite that simple. This is because if you use a dogs only topical and your cat licks or plays with your dog they may come into contact with the med and have adverse reactions. For our own pets, we do not use topicals with ingredients harmful to cats for this very reason.

Heartworm Preventative Prescription Requirements

Many popular tick and flea control meds can be purchased without a prescription including Frontline, Program and Capstar. However, most heartworm medication and combined flea, tick, and heartworm prevention products such as Heartguard, Advantage Multi, Revolution, Iverhart, Sentinel and Interceptor require a prescription. This is for the protection of your pet - so be wary of pet pharmacies that are willing to sell you such products without an rx from your veterinarian - if a prescription is normally required. Pharmacies that are willing to sell prescription items without the proper verifications may not be reputable. If a heart worm medication has already been given to your pet and they have unknowingly already contracted heartworms the pet medicine can actually do more harm than good. In most cases obtaining a prescription should be as easy as asking your veterinarian for one.
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Innovative Ideas, Natural Products And Alternative Options

When it comes to preventing heartworms there are really no safe options outside of actually using a good heartworm med such as Heartgard, Iverhart, Trifexis, Revolution, Advantage Multi or a similar product. However, there are some interesting alternative products for flea control. For instance, herbal and natural products are available. One of our personal favorites is the Cedar Oil Spray from Wondercide. Our dogs are not particularly wild about the strong cedar smell but it really seems to help repel fleas. We use a traditional topical such as Frontline and then use the Cedar Spray throughout the month when a little extra protection is required. Citronella wipes are also available, like cedar, citronella is a natural deterrent to fleas. There is even an electromagnetic tag for dogs. However, we have not had a chance to test this item ourselves.
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