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Flea and Tick Control Products

Discounts On Popular Flea Control Products Like Comfortis, Frontline, Advantix And Others
Discount prices on popular flea and tick control meds and information on how to choose the product that is right for your specific pet. Also, an important look at what makes flea products different from one another, including which particular stage of the flea life cycle they control.

Choosing Flea Control - There Are Differences

There are several, very significant differences between various flea control products. For starters, many are created strictly for dogs and may contain ingredients harmful to felines. Some will kill fleas instantly but will not have an effect on future fleas, whereas others are effective for up to a month. Flea control also differs in how it is given to your pet. Some are applied topically and others given as a pill. Flea control also differs in what parasites they control, some comprehensive products like Revolution fight not only fleas, but ticks, heartworm, ear mites and sarcoptic mange as well. Flea control products also differ in where in the life cycle stage they attack the flea ... the egg, larvae, cocoon or adult stages. It's important to know what to expect for your pet before you buy.
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Different Ingredients Target Different Flea Life Cycles

There is usually a correlation between the ingredients a product contains and the life cycle stage of the fleas that are killed. For instance, the flea pill flavor tabs, Program and Sentinel, contain the ingredient Lufenuron, a growth regulator that breaks the flea's life cycle in the early stages by preventing the flea eggs and larvae from developing further into adults. However, the disadvantage is that these meds are not effective against already existing adult fleas.
Depending upon the flea product, monthly spot-on preventatives are more likely to contain the ingredients necessary to kill fleas in a more comprehensive manner - in both the development and adult stages. Popular pet flea control like Revolution, Advantage, K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus meds kill fleas in both the development and adult stages too.
So why would pet owners choose Program or Sentinel if these products do not fight and kill the adult fleas too? Well, it might be that they find the topical spot on process messy, or they may have a pet that has reactions to those specific products, in which case a palatable flavor tab pill would be a preferential choice. Pet owners who prefer the flea pill will often give their pet an oral flea med like Sentinel or Program to break the flea infestation at the development stage and also a Capstar flea killer treatment pill to kill the existing adult fleas. Capstar isn't a prevention product, but rather, it is an as needed flea treatment for adult fleas currently present. The comfortis flea pill is a new med quickly gaining in popularity. It's one of the first flea pills to kill adult fleas too, and for one month, but it can have possible side effects.

Different Flea Meds Target Different Parasites

Another way in which flea control products differ is by what other potential parasites and pet health hazards they treat in addition to the fleas. There are several of these comprehensive products on the market today. For example, K9 Advantix and TriForce help control fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. Sentinel helps control heartworms, fleas in the development stage, round worms and hookworms. Revolution helps control fleas, ticks, heartworms, ear mites and sarcoptic mange. It is also used on cats to treat roundworms and hookworms. Frontline Top Spot kills adult fleas, ticks at all stages and chewing lice. However, Frontline Plus is a more comprehensive product because it has an extra ingredient that Top Spot does not have, S-methoprene. This extra ingredient not only kills adult fleas, but also kills flea eggs and flea larvae too. Many flea control products like Advantage, Frontline, Program and Capstar do not require a prescription. However, those that contain heartworm preventatives usually do. Regardless, always visit with your veterinarian first regarding which flea control products will be the best and safest for your specific pet's needs.

Alternatives To Flea Pill And Spot On Products

You may also wish to visit with your veterinarian regarding some alternative flea control ideas. Some pet owners like flea collars instead of spot-ons and pills. They even make a breakaway version for cats as an extra safety option. A few collars such as Preventic kill ticks as well. Collars may not be suitable for all pets however, if you handle your pet frequently or if you have other pets that might be mouthing the collar, a flea collar may not be a very safe alternative to consider. Some pet owners prefer a monthly flea spray such as Frontline Spray because they can be more economical when there are several pets to treat, but they can be messy and they require special safety precautions.
If you like more natural cures they do make some herbal powders and sprays that repel fleas and ticks from your pet's bedding and surrounding environment. You can also buy garlic supplements for pets, but there has been some recent concern that too much garlic can be harmful by causing anemia in pets. It can also make your pet a little stinky

What We Use

For our dogs, Frontline Plus is our top pick, it's important for us to feel like we've taken care of the fleas and ticks at all stages of development and Frontline Plus serves this purpose. We've used Frontline for several years now and have tried a few others, but Frontline has always proven to be the most effective and durable, a must for our outside dogs. For our cats, we've found Revolution hard to beat, just a drop of Revolution between the shoulder blades means no struggling to take a pill. We've also had good luck with all natural cedar oil based sprays such as Evolve particularly for those times when we need a hold over alternative when we are late with our once a month spot on flea products. Although our first choice is the topical spot ons, we've also found both Program and Capstar flea pills to be very helpful at various times throughout our dogs lives when topicals were unable to be used for one reason or another.
Frontline Plus
Monthly Spot On
Both Fleas & Ticks
Kills All Stages
Both Dogs & Cats
Monthly Spot On
Both Fleas and Ticks
Heartworm Prevention
Both Dogs & Cats
Monthly Flea Pill
Kills Fleas All Month
For Dogs Only
Can Have Side Effects
Monthly Flea Pill
Kills Fleas All Month
Heartworm Preventative
For Dogs Only
trifexis with spinosad
Advantage I & II
Monthly Spot On
No Ticks, Fleas Only
Two Varieties Available
Both Dogs & Cats
New K9 Advantix II
Monthly Spot On
Both Fleas & Ticks
Kills Mosquitoes Too
For Dogs Only
K9 advantix
Evolve Cedar Spray
All Natural Cedar Oil
Flea Repellant Spray
Also repels mosquitoes
flies and chiggers too
evolve all natural cedar oil spray
Monthly Flea Pill
Both Fleas & Heartworms
Does Not Kill Adult Fleas
For Dogs Only
Flea Treatment Pill
Kills Existing Fleas
Treats, Does Not Prevent
For Both Dogs & Cats
capstar treatment flea killer
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