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Furminator Hair Removal De-Shedding Tools

Backed by a 30 day guarantee, the FURminator is actually more of a de shedding tool than it is an actual dog brush. The furminator utilizes a patented design to quickly and easily remove up to 60% to 80% of unwanted pet hair. Most pet brush products previously on the market were designed to brush only the outer fur despite the fact that most shedding problems originate in the undercoat beneath the fur. In addition, most of the available grooming tools had a tendency to break the coat hair leaving it brittle and uneven in appearance. It was out of this need for a more effective product that the FURminator tool and shedding system was born.
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the furminator dog brush shedding tool

The Development Of The Furminator

The furminator was developed by a groomer and her husband who had been looking for a better solution to the inadequate grooming products previously on the market. The resulting furminator product employs a patented stainless steel blade designed to easily grab and remove loose hair from the undercoat without cutting the hair in the process. They experimented with the handle until they found just the right ergonomic fit for comfort and effectiveness.

Using Furminator On Certain Dog Breeds, Cats, Horses And Pets

The furminator works well for most dogs including golden retrievers, terriers, german shepards, and schnauzers, however, it may not be the right grooming tool for certain dog breeds including those that have curly hair or lack an undercoat all together, including poodles, shih-tzus, maltese, bichons and portugese water spaniels. The furminator isn't for dogs only, it's also great for cats. When you remove your cat's excess hair you help reduce the chance of hair balls and the health problems they can cause. The furminator has also been used successfully on rabbits, horses and other animals. We even use it on our goat and she loves it. A thorough furminator grooming session can remove up to 90% of your pet's loose hair and should be repeated about every four to six weeks for maximum effectiveness.

The Furminator Loose Hair Removal Process - Begining To End

Try Furminator dog treats and nutritional supplements designed to help promote a a healthier skin and coat. Next, do periodic brushing and shampoo sessions as needed. For the most thorough furminator hair removal session follow the complete process begining with a bath featuring furminator shampoo and the massaging tubnub rubber bath brush. When finished, use the microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture. Blow drying with a pet safe dryer will help further loosen more hair. "People" hair dryers can be too hot and may cause burns. Next, brush your pet with the proper size furminator deshedding tool, you can choose from the original furminator or you can try the newly released double edge or furejector varieties. Now you can enjoy your pet free of annoying dander flakes and unwanted messy pet hair. In between baths you can utilize Furminator's waterless shampoo to freshen and clean your pet. If all this sounds difficult, don't worry, you can get started by taking your pet to a practicing FURminator Grooming Professional.
Furminator For Horses
Extra Wide Blade
Equine Shedding Tool
For Brushing Horses
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extra wide blade and ergonomic handle for grooming horses
Special Bathing Products
Lathering Shampoos
Waterless Bath
Brush and Towel
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shampoo, waterless bath, towel and rubber brush bathing products
Treats & Supplements
Omega 3 Dog Treats
Healthy Skin Nutrient
Supplements For Dogs
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treats and supplements with omega fatty acids
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The Complete Product Line
Furminator offer a complete hair removal system for pets from supplements to shampoos. The even have tools for horses too.
Dogs Deshedding Tool
Furminator For Dogs
Small, Medium, Large
1.7" to 4" Wide Blade
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deshedding tool dogs
Furminator For Cats
Cats Deshedding Tool
Easy Hair Removal
Ergonomic Handle
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furminator for cats
FURejector Quick Eject
Deshedding Tool
Quickly Eject Hair
Just Push The Button
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push button grooming tool to quickly eject hair from brush
Double Edge Furminator
Double Blades For
Twice As Fast Action
Easy Hair Removal
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double edge tool for faster grooming
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