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Profiles and Discount Sources for New and Original Glyco-Flex

Discount price sources for glycoflex supplements, products profiles, info and comparisons for dogs, cats and horses
Glyco-Flex for Cats Glycoflex EQ for Horses Original Glyco-Flex for Dogs New Glycoflex for Dogs

Glyco-flex is one of the original joint supplements for animals, and after ten years of use, is still one of our personal favorites that we give to our own dogs. Glycoflex products are
glycoflex joint supplements at low discount prices
all-natural supplements featuring the beneficial perna canaliculus mussel from New Zealand as well as many other ingredients beneficial to animal joint health. Glyco-flex also designed their products to help promote joint health without side effects.
Today, there is a wide variety of glycoflex products for dogs, cats and horses in both original and new formulas. We've provided profiles below to help clear up some questions regarding differences between products and to help you and your veterinarian decide which one is best for your own pet.
Original Glyco-Flex Formulas for Dogs: information and low price sources for the original glycoflex dog supplements
All New Glyco-Flex Formulas for Dogs: information and low price sources for the all new glycoflex dog supplements
Glycoflex Formulas for Cats: information and low price sources for the original and all new glyco-flex feline formulas
Glycoflex Formulas for Horses: information and low price sources for the glycoflex equine joint health care products
Glycoflex Formulas for People: yes, glycoflex is available for humans and people too, in either the 1 or 2 formulas
The Original Glycoflex for Dogs
The original glycoflex chewable, which is still available today, had pure freeze-dried perna canaliculus, a green lipped mussel from New Zealand, as the main ingredient. The perna mussel is rich in beneficial amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and nucleic acids. It also contains brewer's yeast and alfalfa. The makers of glyco-flex recently introduced a new line of glycoflex supplements, however, the original formula in 300 and 600 strengths is still available under the names GF 300 and GF 600. The original Glycoflex Plus II and Glycoflex III is still available too.
Buy Classic Glyco-Flex 300: also known as GF 300, the original supplement with perna mussel from New Zealand
Buy Classic Glyco-Flex 600: also known as GF 600, with an additional 300 mg of perna mussel for larger dogs
Original Glyco-Flex II: has been discontinued by the manufacturer but the New 2 formula is a possible replacement
Original Glyco-Flex III: also discontinued by the manufacturer but the New 3 formula is a possible replacement
The New Glycoflex Life Stages Series for Dogs
new glycoflex dog i, ii, and iii
The main difference between the old glycoflex formulas for dogs and the new ones introduced in 2004 is that the new ones have an additional set of ingredients, for more benefits, depending on the formula you choose. For instance the new glycoflex I, replacing the original glyco-flex formula contains added ingredients glucosamine hcl and DMG. The new formulas were also designed to reduce program costs as well as reduce the daily tablets required, in order to make glyco flex joint supplements more affordable and convenient for pet owners. Also, many new formulas now have a smoked flavored tablet rather than a fish flavored one. These new joint care formulas go by the names Glyco-Flex I, Glyco-Flex II and Glyco-Flex III. The new glycoflex products are also designed to go along with the Vetri-Science Stages of Life program.
Buy New Formula Canine Glycoflex I
An all new formula with perna canaliculus, glucosamine hcl, and dimethylglycine For basic, general joint health and maintenance in large breed puppies and younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint dysfunction issues.
Buy New Formula Canine Glycoflex II
Another new formula for moderate joint issues with perna mussel and added ingredients glucosamine hcl, dimethylglycine, methylsulfonylmethane and manganese. Often prescribed for moderate joint dysfunction, designed to help rebuild joint health after sprains, joint injury or orthopedic surgery. Good for moderate activity canines too.
Buy New Formula Canine Glycoflex III
Comprehensive ingredients with perna canaliculus, glucosamine hcl, dimethylglycine, methylsulfonylmethane, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, grape seed extract, and glutathione for dogs in advanced stages of joint dysfunction including geriatric canines with degenerative joint disease, working dogs and high activity sporting breeds
3 formula in mini bites for small dogs
Glycoflex III Mini Bites For Small Dogs
Glycoflex III but in little mini bites for smaller dogs so they can get all the benefits of the 3 formula too.
glyco flex soft chews chewable glycoflex product
New Glyco-Flex Soft Chews
New formula products for dogs available in a beef flavored chew. Soft Chews available in I, II, and III versions. Please note, Glyco-flex SoftChews are softer than the tablets but still somewhat hard.
Glyco-C-Mine for Dogs - Joint Supplement with Vitamin C
Many of the same benefits as glyco-flex but with the added strength of extra vitamin c. Glyco-C-Mine also has glycosaminoglycans, perna mussel, amino acids, chelated minerals, enzymes, brewers yeast and manganese.
Glyco Flex Joint Supplements for Cats
glyco flex cat
Glyco-Flex also makes joint care products for cats, Glycoflex I and II. Glyco flex I for cats is a palatable tablet containing perna mussel, alfalfa, and brewers yeast for optimal joint health. Glycoflex II has added ingredients Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, N,NDimethylglycine, and Manganese, a synergistic combination designed to improve the function of synovial joints and improve the range of motion in your feline's activity. For your preference, glycoflex for cats is available in both original and new joint formulas.
Original Feline Glyco-Flex: discontinued by the manufacturer but the New 1 formula is a possible replacement
Original Glyco-Flex II for Cats: the original glycoflex ii formula, discontinued but still available at some online stores
Buy New Formula Feline GlycoFlex: new formula w/ all major classes of glycosaminoglycan and chondroitin sulfate
New Formula Glyco-Flex II: perna mussel and additional ingredients MSM, manganese, glucosamine HCL & DMG
Glyco Flex Equine Joint Supplements for Horses
A horses lifestyle is designed around it's ability to perform and compete, consequently, the makers of glycoflex understand the importance of equine joint health. Vetri-Science makes
glyco flex pellets and powder equine formulas joint care supplement for horses
a complete line of equine joint care products containing similar ingredients to the canine and feline formulas complete with perna mussel, alfalfa and brewers yeast in a palatable, easy to administer formula with cinnamon oil, alfalfa, and caramel for taste. Glyco-flex EQ is available in powder or pellets and is designed to support the maintenance and function of connective tissues including joints, synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Glycoflex EQ II has additional ingredients like Glucosamine Hcl, Methylsulfonylmethane and more for maximum joint care in a palatable apple, molasses and alfalfa flavor base, and is also available in powder or pellets form.
Buy Glyco-Flex EQ Powder: 60, 212 & 320 servings for horses, with perna mussel to aid joints & connective tissues
Buy Glyco-Flex EQ Pellets: 120, 210 and 330 serving choices in pellet form, a little more expensive than the powder
Buy Glyco-Flex EQ II Powder: 212 servings, additional ingredients for better joint and connective tissue functions
Buy Glyco-Flex EQ II Pellets: 312 & 330 servings, more ingredients in pellet form for owners and horses who prefer
GlycoFlex For People
Glyco-Flex is now available for people too in a form for humans. Like the varieties for animals it has new zealand perna mussel and other nutrients and comes in choices of formula I or formula II with MSM and DMG.
Buy Glyco-Flex For Humans: variety I is available in capsules and II in tablets in counts of 90 or 180 per bottle
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