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Heartgard comes in several varieties including plus, ivermectin only and feline. We've
got low prices for you and helpful information regarding the differences between each.
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Heartguard Chewables For Pets and Heartgard Plus For Dogs

Information on the wide variety of heartguard products available today including the original heartgard chewable with ivermectin available for both dogs and cats, heartgard plus for dogs only with the added ingredient pyrantel, and alternative options to the now discontinued little pill tab. Comparisons, differences, similarities and online low prices.

Buy Heartguard Medications Online At Discount

Important: There are a variety of heartguard medications available for both dogs and cats. Products include an ivermectin only chewable and a heartgard plus for dogs only with an extra ingredient. It can get confusing so we have a detailed explanation of the differences below to help you choose. Please double check your cart to be sure you're getting the heartgard meds you want. We found exciting discount prices for you.

A Summary Of Reviews On Heartgard Plus For Dogs

The great majority of heartgard plus chewables for dogs reviews online were excellent with most owners praising how easy it is to administer. - a neat, tasty chewable that their dogs gladly accepted and enjoyed as much as treat. Pet owners also seemed to like the added protection that the heartgard plus for dogs variety provided against round worms and hookworms (in addition to heartworm prevention). Many pet owners claimed that they would never use anything else. We've used heartgard plus for our own dogs for many years now and are very satisfied with the results.

Knowing Which Heartguard Meds To Purchase For Your Pet

There are four different kinds of heartgard meds, the most important difference is in the ingredients. All heartgard medications are intended to be given monthly and it is vital to give them in a timely manner for maximum prevention.
heartgard chewable for cats without pyrantel
Heartguard Cat Feline Variety   Heartguard Cats Starting at $26.50   Estimated 48% off retail prices
A tasty heartworm preventative chew to please even the finickiest of felines. Heartgard Cats has ivermectin to help prevent heartworms. In cats, Ivermectin also helps control hookworm problems too. We've also found for you the smaller dosage heartgard cat 1 to 5 pounds should your cat require such.
heartgard plus for dogs heartworm preventative flavor tab for canines only with an extra ingredient pyrantel for hookworms and roundworms
Heartgard Plus For Dogs   Heartgard Plus For Dogs Starting at $23.50   An estimated 45% off retail
Heartworm prevention in an easy to give, beef flavored chewable for dogs only, with the ingredient ivermectin found in all heartgard products, however it also contains an additional ingredient Pyrantel that cats cannot have. Pyrantel helps prevent roundworms & hookworms in addition to heartworms.
original heartgard dogs chewable with ivermectin only
Ivermectin Only Chews   Buy Chewables Online Starting at $32.99   An estimated 18% off retail prices
The original heartguard with just one parasite control ingredient, ivermectin, for heartworms only. An alternative product for those who do not want to give their dogs the Pyrantel found in the Plus variety.
heartgard pill for canines who cannot chew or who have allergies to the beef in heartguard chews
The Discontinued Pill Form (Beef Allergy Alternative)   Trifexis is available at an estimated 40% off
There was once a pork based heartguard pill (also called a tab). Other heartgard products contain beef but this little ivermectin pill was pork based instead. Being little and beef-free, it was previously prescribed for pets who could not chew or for those that might have had beef allergies. Unfortunately, this little pill tabs variety is no longer available. However, there is still a heartworm preventative on the market, Trifexis, that utilizes pork rather than beef. Trifexis is for dogs only, it has an artificial beef flavor but is actually made from pork liver and soy - but always double check with your veterinarian first.

Why Prescriptions Are Required For Heartworm Pet Medication

Heartworm meds do not kill existing adult worms, therefore it is important to test your pet for adult heartworms before you begin a preventative treatment - otherwise the adult infestation could be missed and worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. So, a veterinarian's rx prescription is required as a protective measure.   Buying Prescription Meds Online
Specific Breed Cautions
Some dog breed types such as collies may have issues with the ingredients in heartgard. Always visit with your veterinarian first to make sure the med in question will be okay for your dogs breed.
Choosing Heartworm Meds
There are many choices in heart worm prevention, the difference is mostly in the ingredients and what else they help control. Many are for dogs only because they contain ingredients that can be harmful to the feline physiology. Many heart worm preventatives also control other parasites as well, including fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, hookworms and roundworms. Options usually include pills or topical spot ons.
Alternative Chewable Heartworm Preventatives
Some other options to heartgard plus, some may have different ingredients - list is for dogs only.
alternate products including iverhart, tri-heart and trifexis brands
Please Note:   Heartgard prices and discounts above as posted by stores on 5/26/13 and are subject to change without notice, please verify before you buy
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