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Tri-Heart Heartworm - Low Prices and Helpful Information

Low prices on tri-heart heartworm medication for dogs and helpful information including product comparisons
Choosing Heartworm Meds Compare Heartworm Chewables Buy Tri-Heart Plus Online At Discount

Buy Tri-Heart Online At Hard to Beat Prices

Following in the footsteps of Iverhart Plus, Tri-Heart Plus is now also available as a less expensive alternative to Heartgard Plus. All three products have ivermectin and pyrantel to fight heartworms, hookworms and ringworms.
tri-heart plus heartworm preventative for dogs only
Tri-Heart Plus Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:   Buy Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs Online At Discount
Pork liver flavor tab heartworm preventative for dogs only, an alternative for dogs with beef allergies.
Ingredients ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, control heartworms, roundworms and hookworms too.

Comparison Information On Tri-Heart, Iverhart and Heartgard Products

Heartgard Plus has been a popular heartworm medication for several years now. A few years ago Iverhart Plus was released as a less expensive alternative to heartgard. And now, Tri-Heart is available as a low cost heartworm medication as well. All three products have the same ingredients, ivermectin and pyrantel, but differ some in flavor.
Heartgard Plus comes in a beef flavored chewable tab whereas Iverhart and Tri-Heart come in a chewable pork liver flavor tablet. Which product consumers might prefer can very well depend upon wether or not their dog is allergic to beef or pork. At our house one dog is allergic to beef and the other dog is allergic to pork, consequently we use both heartgard plus and iverhart plus products depending upon which dog is getting the particular medication.
About Tri-Heart Heartworm Medication And Parasite Control
Like Iverhart Plus and Heartgard Plus, Tri-Heart products contain ivermectin to fight heartworms and pyrantel for hookworms and roundworms. Heartworm disease is carried by mosquitos and it can be deadly once contracted, so it is important to prevent it to start with. When used properly on schedule, triheart heartworm medication should be 100% effective against heartworms but you will need to administer it on time every month of the year. We reccomend using heartworm preventatives for inside dogs too as mosquitoes often find their way inside the house.
Tri-Heart also offers your dog valuable protection against hookworms and roundworms too. Roundworms live in a dog's intestines and they can cause intestinal blockage or deprive your dog of vital nutrients. Hookworms also live in the dog's intestines where they feed on the intestinal wall, and can cause a dangerous amount of blood loss.
Tri-Heart Plus and other heartworm preventative medications require a prescription because dogs should be tested for heartworm infection before starting any monthly heartguard regimen. This is because heartworm medication can actually do more harm than good if your pet already has heartworms when they take them. Therefore, a heartworm prevention program should be started only in pets found to be uninfected with heartworms to start with.

Alternative Products To Tri-Heart Plus

There are a few alternative products to Tri-Heart Plus with similar ingredients. One alternative medication, Heartgard Plus, is flavored with beef and is often a popular choice for dogs with allergies to the pork in Tri-Heart.
heartgard plus heartworm preventative flavor tab for dogs only with and extra ingredient pyrantel for hookworms and roundworms
Heartgard Plus Flavor Tab for Dogs Only:   Heartgard Plus Heartgard Product Profile
Monthly heartworm control beef flavored tab, an alternative for dogs allergic to the pork in Tri-Heart.
Extra ingredient, pyrantel, helps prevent roundworms and hookworms in addition to heartworms.
iverhart plus heartworm preventative for dogs
Iverhart Plus Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:   Buy Iverhart Plus for Dogs Iverhart Products Profile
Pork liver flavor tab heartworm preventative for dogs only, an alternative for dogs with beef allergies.
Has ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, to control heartworms, roundworms and hookworms.
iverhart max heartworm preventative for dogs with added tapeworm control benefit
Iverhart Max Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:   Buy Iverhart Max for Dogs Iverhart Products Profiles
Heartworm preventative for dogs only, with ingredients to control a comprehensive set of parasites.
Same ingredients as Iverhart Plus, but with an additional one, praziquantel, to control tapeworms too.

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