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Heartworm Prevention

Discounts On Heartworm Prevention Like Heartgard, Advantage Multi, Trifexis And Others
Discount prices on popular heartworm preventatives like Heartgard, Trifexis, Revolution and Sentinel. Also information on how to choose the heartworm med that is right for your specific dog or cat including options such as combination flea heartworm pills and monthly topicals.

Choosing A Heartworm Med

It is important to choose a heartworm med that will work best for your specific situation. Some are for dogs only and can be harmful to cats. Others are designed to be safe for felines. And some cover other parasites as well. Today there are two types of protection to choose from - pills (chewable flavor tabs) and spot ons. Some heartworm preventative meds offer protection against fleas and or ticks too. The wide variety of heartworm meds available today makes it easy to protect your pet from deadly heartworms. And don't forget to play it safe, it is important to protect your pet during the winter months too.
  heartworm preventatives can help you live a longer happier life with your pet

Types OF Heartworm Preventative Meds

When choosing a heartworm medication for our pets we usually begin by deciding what we want for flea and tick control first and then go from there. For instance, for our cats, Revolution topical spot on is our favorite flea and tick control method and it already has a heartworm medication in it, so additional heartworm prevention is not necessary. For our dogs, we like Frontline flea and tick control. Frontline is a topical so it doesn't make sense to us to apply two topicals at once. So for our dogs we use a heartworm pill instead, usually Iverhart Plus tabs.

Heartworm Pills

Most of the popular heartworm pills such as Heartgard Plus and Iverhart are for dogs only. This is because they contain extra ingredients in addition to the heartworm preventative that can be harmful to cats. These ingredients are usually included to help broaden the scope of parasite control the heartworm med has to offer. However, Heartgard does make an Ivermectin only heartworm product for cats - just remember it is not the one with a "Plus" on the end of its name. There are several pills on the market today including Trifexis, Heartgard, Iverhart, Tri-Heart, Sentinel and Interceptor. Trifexis, Interceptor and Sentinel all contain Milbemycin Oxime to fight heartworms. There is currently a shortage of Novartis products due to manufacturing updates so Sentinel and Interceptor are hard to find these days, even online. Consequently, Trifexis has become quite a popular choice among pet owners. Heartgard, Iverhart and Tri-Heart use a different ingredient than milbemycin oxime to fight heart worms, they use Ivermectin instead. All three of the "Plus" varieties of these brands are for dogs and vary only slightly in design from one another - however, the difference in price can be quite substantial at times.
When it comes to choosing a heartworm pill for your dog or cat it usually comes down to price and ingredients.
One important thing to consider when choosing a heartworm pill, is to pay attention to your pet's allergies. For instance, Heartgard and Tri-Heart are beef based, so if your dog is allergic to beef you might want to choose a pork based product instead. Iverhart is a pork liver based and flavored med. Trifexis, Sentinel and Interceptor are all beef flavored but the flavoring is artificial, and like Iverhart, they are actually made from pork liver.

Monthly Heartworm Topical Spot Ons

Depending on what other parasites you want to target, there are a few monthly, topical spot on heartworm preventatives to choose from for pets these days, including Revolution and Advantage Multi - both of which offer one variety for dogs and another for cats too. Just a drop or two between the shoulder blades once a month does the trick. Both products also help control fleas and Revolution goes one step further to help control ticks. Both help control their own specific group of other parasites too. Topicals spot ons can be a nice option when you are looking for comprehensive coverage or simply when you have trouble getting your pets to take a pill.

Why A Prescription Is Required For Heartworm Medications

Since heartworm prevention is not designed to kill adult worms in the heart, it is important to test your dog or cat for heartworms before beginning preventative treatment, otherwise the adult infestation could be missed entirely and continue to worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test for your dog before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. In addition to this issue, if you give your dog a preventative when they already have heartworms, it can actually lead to rare but possibly severe reactions that could be harmful or fatal. A prescription requirement exists to protect your pet. Therefore, we always recommend being wary of any pet pharmacy that does not require a prescription for heartworm meds or any other regularly RX required med - we do not believe they will have your pet's safety or best interest at heart.

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