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Horse Medications and Supplements

Information, profiles and discount prices on horse medications and equine supply. Dewormers, health, performance and joint supplements too. In general, there are a lot of equine meds that do not require a prescription, however, even non-prescription wormers, supplements and medications can be harmful if administered incorrectly or if your horse has a certain health condition that might cause an adverse reaction to the product. Certain products should not be given together either. Before using any horse health product you will want to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian regarding what to use, if it is right for your horse's specific needs, how to administer it properly and wether or not it may interact with something else they may already be taking.
Below is only a few of the horse medications in our directory, please visit our Products Index for a complete list.
Prescription Required Pain, Muscle, Joint, Lameness and Arthritis Equine Medications
Often no prescription required supplements are enough for joint issues in horses, however, stronger rx horse medications are needed to provide relief. There are also equine medications on the market designed to help relieve lameness, muscle pain or arthritis discomfort so a horse can continue to do the activities they love.
adequan equine joint and arthritis medication for horses
A potassium related medication used to relieve the symptoms of equine HYPP, a condition that can lead to weakness and muscle tremors. An medication given by injection that helps relieve arthritis inflammation and helps thicken the protective synovial fluid that surrounds the joints. Also referred to as Legend Equine, Legend is a paste with hyaluronate that has become a popular choice for horse owners looking for a way to help their horse continue activities in spite of aging and related issues. Also referred to as "bute", phenylbutazone is a short term medication designed to help reduce pain and inflammation related to muscle, skeletal, limb and joint issues. Available for horses in tablet and paste form.
Non-Prescription Pain, Muscle, Joint and Recovery Products For Horses
When it comes to horses there is sometimes a fine line between products that help the joint and those that help relieve muscle strain, pain or simply help a horse recover from stress and exercise. Before you purchase such meds for your equine, always visit with your veterinarian first to make sure you understand what you are buying and what it should really be used for, particularly for your specific horse. An equine supplement to help joint repair and function including from the stress of daily exercise and activity. A joint supplement with high quality manufacturing standards and special varieties each for pets and horses. A joint supplement in a lower price range that we ourselves have had good results with for our own horses. A supplement with immune support that is also used to help with stress, muscle and injury recovery. A popular animal joint supplement with perna mussel for dogs, cats and horses with special equine varieties. A popular supplement for active, senior and performance horses to help them recover from stress, exercise and injury. A non-prescription pain medication that may offer some horse owners an alternative to NSAID medications.
Other Medications For Horses
Other medications including cough, antihistamine, pain, sedative, hoof, immune support, vitamin, weight gain, ulcer, digestive, anxiety, antibiotic, antifungal, thyroid, skin, eye, wound, worm and breeding meds. A thyroid medication for horses in powder form that can be sprinkled on top of their feed. Tri-Hist granules are a popular antihistamine for horses A non-prescription med in paste form designed to help prevent the onset of ulcers A syrup designed to be given to horses orally to help with respiratory distress such as COPD issues.
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