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Hydroxyzine HCL and Pamoate - Helpful Information and Discount Prices

Information on Hydroxyzine antihistamine meds for dogs as prescribed for allergy related itching and mild anxiety issues.
Antihistamine Meds Hydroxyzine HCL Tablets At Discount Low Prices On Hydroxyzine Pamoate Capsules
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Information On Hydroxyzine HCL and Hydroxyzine Pamoate

Hydroxyzine HCL and Hydroxyzine Pamoate are similar in function and effect, and both are odorless, however, they differ slightly in formulation, appearance and solubility in water. Hydroxyzine HCL, the generic for Atarax, is usually found as a tablet and Hydroxyzine Pamoate, the generic med for Vistaril, is usually found as a capsule.
Hydroxyzine is considered an antihistamine, and is often prescribed to provide dogs with itch relief to allergy related skin issues. However, Hydroxyzine has been shown to have other benefits and is also prescribed to treat a variety of other pet health issues as well. Veterinarians often take advantage of it's tranquilizing properties and prescribe it as a sedative to treat mild anxiety in pets. It is also used on occasion to ease vomiting and nausea.
Hydroxyzine is a serious pet med and can have adverse interactions with other medications and pet health products, including some tick collars. For instance, Hydroxyzine can cause interaction issues with dogs wearing Preventic collars. Play it safe and be sure to let your veterinarian know your pet's complete list of health products they use, including every other medication, flea product and supplements they are currently taking. Adverse side effects are possible with Hydroxyzine as well, including but not limited to, drowsiness, increased thirst, over sedation, nausea, seizures and body tremors. Always discuss it's use thoroughly with your veterinarian before deciding to administer Hydroxyzine pet medications. Hydroxyzine is not usually recommended for use in cats.
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