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Interceptor is a popular heartworm pill given monthly to dogs and cats
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Interceptor Heartworm Flavor Tabs For Dogs

From novartis, the interceptor heartworm pill for dogs comes in a chewable flavor tab and it works to prevent deadly heartworm disease in your dog. Interceptor provides protection against heartworm disease and interceptor is also used to treat and control roundworm and hookworm infections as well. The interceptor flavor tab can be given directly into the mouth of the dog or they can be given in a portion of food. An administration of one interceptor heart worm tab should be given to a dog once a month at regular intervals. Dogs should be tested for heartworm infection, before starting a monthly interceptor regimen. As with most pet medication, there are some possible side effects and over dosage can occur as well. Always visit with your pet's veterinarian to determine if interceptor heartworm meds are right for your specific dog.

Potential Interceptor Shortage Due To Manufacturing Issues

Current production issues at one of the Novartis pharmaceutical manufacturing plants has led to the temporary production shutdown of some novartis products, including interceptor. Some providers are running low and others are beginning to run out of their supply completely. Below you will find a list of several online pharmacies that may still have the product in stock. Some providers will be starting waiting lists for when the product becomes available again. When you purchase your interceptor please make sure your cart does not say "On Backorder" or "Out Of Stock".
Online Sources For Interceptor: Prices Vary   California Pet Pharmacy 1-800-PetMeds

Comparing Interceptor to Other Heartworm Pill Medications

The variety of heartworm preventative pills and flavor tabs out there today can be confusing sometimes. Often the difference is a matter of ingredients and or pill form. The four most popular heartworm pill medications for dogs available today include heartgard plus, iverhart plus, sentinel and interceptor. All come in the form of a tasty tab that can be given to your dog orally. Both sentinel and interceptor heartworm products have the ingredient Milbemycin Oxime to prevent heartworms and help control roundworm, whipworm and many hookworm infections as well. Sentinel has an additional ingredient, Lufenuron, to help control flea infestation too. Products like iverhart, tri-heart and heartgard plus also work to prevent heartworms, however, they utilize different ingredients, ivermectin to prevent heartworms and pyrantel to combat roundworms and hookworms. Interceptor and sentinel help control whipworms whereas heartgard products do not, however, heartgard plus controls more species of hookworms than interceptor. Hence the confusion, if your trying to decide which product would work best for your pet you will want to determine which parasite issue is most important to control in your specific instance. If your main concern is hookworms, heartgard plus might be the preferential choice, however, if whipworms are of concern, only interceptor claims to help control those. Both claim effective control over heartworms and roundworms. Since you should always have a heartworm test performed on your dog before beginning a heartworm regimen, this would be a good time to visit with your veterinarian regarding your specific dog, which worm issues pose the greatest threat to him, and, which product they would recommend in his particular case for his particular environment. Situations do vary, and it would be good to share the complete picture with your veterinarian so they can make the most informed decision, be sure and include your pet's daily activities, time spent outside, contact with other animals and so forth. There are also some dog breeds such as collies that do not do well with certain heartworm preventative products and other meds, and once again, this is another good reason to visit with your veterinarian first before deciding on a heartworm product.

Why Prescriptions Are Required For Heart Worm Meds

Since interceptor heartworm prevention and similar meds are not designed to kill already present adult worms, it is important to test your dog for heartworms before beginning preventative treatment, otherwise the adult infestation could be missed and continue to worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. Also, if you give your dogs a preventative when they already have heartworms, it can lead to rare but severe reactions that could be harmful to the dog. Therefore, a prescription is required as a preventative measure to protect your dog.
Alternative Chewable Preventatives For Dogs
Other options to interceptor dog, ingredients vary - for dogs only.
interceptor for cats
Interceptor For Cats
Interceptor is available for use in cats as well but the dosage recommendation is very different from that of dogs on a per pound basis. Always be sure and visit with your cat's personal veterinarian for the dose that is best for your specific feline - the green, yellow or white box variety.
Cats 2-6 lbs interceptor green cats dose Green Box
Feline 6-12 lbs feline yellow Yellow Box
Cat 12-25 lbs white for catsWhite Box
  Alternative Product: Heartgard
Interceptor Pet Meds
A Summary Of Reviews
Most participating users were very happy with interceptor and how much their dogs liked the tabs. We have personally done well with interceptor with our own pets. It is a pork based med so we feel comfortable giving it to our dogs with allergies to beef.
interceptor new packaging low prices on sentinel for dogs
* Please note: the above interceptor prices are as posted by stores 5/26/13 and are subject to change without notice. Always verify the most recent price before you buy.
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