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Iverhart Plus & Max

Low prices and information on Iverhart Plus and Iverhart Max for dogs including the difference
between the two products, how they compare to Heartgard and alternative heartworm meds.
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Choosing Between Iverhart Plus and Max - The Differences

Iverhart originated as Iverhart Plus, and was as a less expensive alternative to heartgard plus. Today, the makers of Iverhart Plus also offer Iverhart Max, with praziquantel added, to help control tapeworms issues too.
  iverhart plus for dogs
Iverhart Plus Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:  
Pork liver flavor tab heartworm preventative for dogs only, an alternative for dogs with beef allergies.
Has ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, to control heartworms, roundworms and hookworms.
  iverhart max for dogs
Iverhart Max Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:  
Heartworm preventative for dogs only, with ingredients to control a comprehensive set of parasites.
Same ingredients as Iverhart Plus, but with an additional one, praziquantel, to control tapeworms.

Comparison Information On Iverhart and Heartgard Heartworm Products

The most popular heartguard product for dogs today is heartgard plus, a beef flavored heartgard flavor tab containing both ivermectin and pyrantel. Ivermectin helps control heartworms and Pyrantel helps dogs with roundworm and hookworm issues. Iverhart Plus emerged on the market a few years ago and it quickly became a competitive alternative to heartgard. Iverhart Plus contains the same two ingredients that Heartgard Plus does, ivermectin and pyrantel, however, there is an important difference - it is flavored with pork liver whereas heartgard plus is flavored with beef. Consequently, Iverhart Plus provides a way for dogs who are allergic to the beef ingredients in heartgard plus to get protection too. Both products are given once a month by mouth as a chewable treat. Iverhart Plus is usually thought of as a lower cost alternative, about two dollars less per tab.
Virbac, the makers of Iverhart, recently introduced a new product - Iverhart Max, which is gaining in popularity. Iverhart Max contains the same two parasite fighting ingredients that Heartgard Plus and Iverhart Plus do, however, it has an additional ingredient, praziquantel, to fight tapeworms too, making Iverhart Max very unique.

Alternative Options For Heartworm Prevention And Parasite Control

There are a few alternative products to Iverhart Plus with very similar ingredients. One of these alternative meds, Heartgard Plus, is flavored with beef and is often a popular choice for dogs with allergies to the pork in Iverhart.
  tri-heart plus heartworm preventative for dogs only
Tri-Heart Plus Flavor Tab For Dogs Only:   Buy Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs Tri-Heart Profile
Pork liver flavor tab heartworm preventative for dogs only, a very similar product to Iverhart Plus.
Ingredients ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, control heartworms, roundworms and hookworms too.
  heartgard plus heartworm preventative flavor tab for dogs only with and extra ingredient pyrantel for hookworms and roundworms
Heartgard Plus Flavor Tab for Dogs Only:   Buy Heartgard Plus Heartgard Plus Profile
Monthly heartworm control beef flavored tab, an alternative for dogs allergic to the pork in Iverhart.
Extra ingredient, pyrantel, helps prevent roundworms and hookworms in addition to heartworms.
dog playing outside protected from heartworms by iverhart plus
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