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And Meloxicam

Metacam is an oral NSAID canine arthritis med prescribed to help dogs with pain and inflammation. It can also help with fever and is designed to help increase mobility as well. As a palatable liquid metacam can be given as drops or mixed in with your pet's food, this easy form of administration has always been on of metacam's big selling points. In addition to the liquid suspension, an injectable form of Metacam is also available.
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Meloxicam, the main ingredient in Metacam, is available as a generic option to Metacam and is readily available as a more affordable, popular alternative. Meloxicam is available as a liquid suspension, tablet or injectable under various names - tablets are available simply as a generic meloxicam, liquid suspensions are available under the names Meloxidyl, Loxicom, OstiLox and EloxiOral. Alloxate is a generic meloxicam injection. We have found low, discount prices online for you on all these products.
Tablets and Pills
There are some dogs that should not take Metacam - it can have serious side effects, make certain health conditions and diseases worse, or have adverse interactions with other pet medications and joint care products.
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So you will want to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian before beginning a Metacam regimen for your specific dog. Be sure and let your veterinarian know wether or not your pet may have any existing or suspected health problems, as well as, all pet health products they may be taking, including all foods, treats, non-prescription supplements and prescription medications.

Metacam For Cats

Metacam is not actually considered a feline medication, however, veterinarians will sometimes prescribe it for cats to treat arthritis pain. It was prescribed for one of our own cats and we had success with it. Just the same, due to the danger to felines, you may wish to discuss the pros and cons of metacam, including the potential dangers before deciding to use it for your own cat.

Metacam Reviews
Online - A Summary

In general the majority of reviews on metacam were good with some pet owners having success with it for several of their dogs and with some going so far as to use expressions like "wow", "fabulous results", "amazing" and "a dramatic success" to describe the effectiveness of the medication. There were just a few dog owners who reported side effects or adverse reactions. However, there were some cat owners whose cats had some bad experiences with the drug.

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