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Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency In Dogs

The pancreas serves two functions, one is the production of insulin which helps regulate sugar levels in the blood stream, and the other is the production of digestive enzymes which help break down the food we eat for better absorption by the intestines.
The breakdown of food by these enzymes is important because it is necessary for the nutrients in the food to be absorbed by the body. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) is a medical condition characterized by the insufficient production of digestive enzymes.

Panakare Plus

Panakare Plus powder and tablets are a pancreatic enzyme concentrate fortified with Vitamins A, D and E designed to help digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats in dogs with EPI so they can better benefit from the nutritional benefits that their diet has to offer.
panakare powder is a digestive enzyme supplement for dogs and cats that can be bought online at discount, it is often prescribed to treat epi and help with nutrient absorption for better health and quality of life

Panakare Powder, Tablets And EPI - Additional Information

EPI is not a breed specific condition, but it can be genetic and there are certain dog breeds that tend to get it in higher percentages than others, including german shepherds, rough collies, terrier breeds, the king charles spaniel and chows. Symptoms of EPI may include weight loss in spite of a good appetite, stools oily in appearance, a dry skin and coat, diarrhea, lethargy and loud rumbling noises in the stomach. Many of these symptoms are due to the improper digestion of foods and the resulting lack of nutrients utilized by the body. Possible treatment options that your veterinarian may try include antibiotics, a diet low in fiber and fat, and/or a pancreatic enzyme supplement for pets such as Panakare Plus. Panakare is a pork based, prescription required pet med available in either tablets or powder. It is important to administer it properly for maximum benefits. It is usually recommended that you mix the exact amount of powder prescribed by your veterinarian with moistened food so it stays in close contact with the food itself. It is also recommended to let it sit twenty minutes at room temperature after mixing before serving it to your pet. Allergic reactions and side effects are possible with PanaKare so you will want to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian to determine if panakare is the right choice for your specific pet before beginning a panakare regimen.
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PanaKare for Cats
Although rare, cats can get EPI - often due to pancreatic issues. Symptoms to watch for include flatulence, excessive food intake, weight loss, chronic diarrhea and/or GI tract rumbling noises. Potential diagnosis tools include a physical exam, fecal exam, x-rays, blood count, biochemistry profile, or urinalysis. Treatment is similar to dogs and panakare powder may be prescribed to help replace missing digestive enzymes for better absorption.
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