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We've searched the internet to find pet meds providers for you that have low prices, good service and money saving specials. At Discount
Pet Medicines we want you to have it all. See below for online low prices with dollar and % discounts off the listed meds price represents.
* Note: meds prices as posted 11-6-10 are subject to change, listed numbers are sample estimates based on comparisons to other stores.
 Online PriceDiscount Off Retail Money SavedFrontline DescriptionTop 3 Low Prices
frontline flea and tick
Frontline Plus
Starting Cost
Frontline Plus
3 Month Supply
15% Off
* $6.20 
Saved On This
Flea Tick Med
Frontline pet meds offers effective water resistant once a month flea and tick control for cats and dogs.
Cosset Pets
Entirely Store
Medi-Vet Store
Our Experience With Frontline Meds: We've used Frontline flea and tick pet meds ourselves for over ten years and consistently find it to be the most effective flea and tick preventative meds we've ever used. We've tried a few other brands with some success, including Revolution and Advantix and they did well too, however, they didn't last as long or stay as effective after our dogs got wet. We use Frontline on both our dogs and cats.
 Online PriceDiscount Off Retail Money SavedHeartgard DescriptionTop 2 Low Prices
frontline flea and tick
Heartgard Meds
Starting Cost
Heartgard Plus
6 Month Supply
18% Off
* $5.49 
Saved On This
Heartworm Med
Heartgard heart worm control meds, once a month help protect dogs from dangerous heartworms.
Cosset Pets
National Pet Pharmacy
Our Experience With Heartgard: Heartguard has been a staple in our home for many years now. We give heartguard plus to our dogs and heartgard cat to our felines. Heartgard Plus has an ingredient that cats cannot have. A few of our dogs are allergic to beef so they get the pork based Interceptor tab instead. Just same, Heartguard products are available in several selections, including tasty beef tabs, little pills, original and plus.
 Online PriceRetail Discount Money SavedFurminator DescriptionTop 3 Low Prices
furminator brush
The Furminator
Prices are too low to list without violating Furminator advertising policies please visit the three sites to the right for their specific low discount prices on furminator products.
Up To 50% Off
at some stores
The Furminator pet brush product line is designed to reduce shedding by removing unwanted excess hair.
Entirely Store
Absolutely Store
Medi-Vet Store
The Furminator Brush - Our Experience: We love our furminator deshedding tool, it gets the hair out in a snap, and gently stroked as recommended, our dogs love the way it feels too, I mean they really enjoy it. We even use it on our little pygmy goat Daisy and she can't get enough of it. Just the same, the Furminator is more than a feel good brushing tool, it is designed for serious hair removal too. Available for dogs, horses and cats.
 Online PriceDiscount Off Retail Money SavedDenosyl DescriptionTop 3 Low Prices
denosyl liver supplement for dogs
Denosyl SD4
Starting Cost
30 - 90mg
34% Off
* $9.75 
Saved On This
Pet Supplement
A no prescription required SAME supplement tablet for decreased liver funtion in canines and felines.
Entirely Store
Absolutely Store
National Phar...
Our Experience With Denosyl Liver Supplement: We're now giving Denosyl SD4 to our second elderly canine. Both dog's general energy level and demeanor improved greatly after just a few weeks on Denosyl. There are several SAME liver supplement choices available today, but we stick with Denosyl in particular because we like their strict manufacturing pharmaceutical guidelines - something we believe is very important.
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