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Guide To Buying RX Meds Online

Save 30% to 70% On Many Popular RX Required Pet Meds
Some veterinarians can be hesitant to assist with getting your pet's
prescription to an online pharmacy, however, we've prepared a step by
step guide to make the process of working with them much easier for you.

Making The Decision to Buy Your Prescription Pet Meds Online

Should you buy your pet's meds directly from your veterinarian or should you buy online? Actually, this will vary from situation to situation. It doesn't make sense to wait a few days on temporary low cost pet prescription meds that your pet needs immediately. However, saving money on frequently administered flea, tick and heartworm medication, long-term prescription products, costly joint supplements and/or expensive non-emergency health products does make sense. That's when buying your pet prescription medications online can be both cost saving and convenient.

Always Visit Your Veterinarian First

It's important to buy the pet prescription medications that meet your pet's very individual requirements. Even non-prescription pet products can be dangerous and have adverse side effects under certain circumstances. Buying pet prescription medication online is a great way to save money and add a little convenience to your busy life. However, it should never be a replacement for visiting your local veterinarian in person. Only a doctor that has seen and felt your pet will truly know what's best for it's specific needs.
always ask your veterinarian what pet meds will be best for your specific pet and get a legitimate prescription for them

Why Some Veterinarians Do Not Like To Transfer Prescriptions To Online Pharmacies

As many of you may know, veterinarians are sometimes reluctant to transfer your pet's prescription to an online pharmacy. This can be for a variety of reasons. For instance, some veterinarians are concerned that their clients will not receive legitimate medical products from online providers, thus endangering the pet or cheating the buyer. This is actually a valid concern, because there are a lot of fly-by-night pet pharmacies to be avoided that do not provide legitimate products, and shoppers should be wary of such. But sometimes, the veterinarian simply may not want to lose the sale for themselves.

Finding Reputable Online Pet Medications Providers

At Discount Pet Medicines it is important to us to link shoppers only to reputable pet prescription medication providers. We only work with proven providers that have been in business at least one year and who follow the proper guidelines and regulations as required. Most of the pharmacies we link to we have known for at least six to seven years and shopper complaints on them are rare to none. You can reassure your veterinarian that you will be purchasing from a reputable online provider with quality medications, excellent service and low, cost saving prices. You can learn more about by reviewing our long list of references from trusted sources.

Working With Your Pet's Dr. For An Easy Prescription Transfer

To make the process flow easily for both of you, when your veterinarian prescribes a medication for your pet, visit with them about your desire to purchase online, let them know that the savings and convenience of purchasing online is very important to you. Also, let them know that you have found what you believe to be a reputable online source for your prescription pet meds purchases. In general, most veterinarians will not give you a hard time about transferring your pet's prescription to an internet pharmacy, even though this means that you will be buying your prescription medications online from someone else, instead of from them. We've always believed that a truly caring veterinarian will understand how important it is for your pet's health care to be as affordable as possible, even though it may mean less profit for them. On occasion, when they can, some veterinarians will offer to match the online price to better service your needs and to retain your business. Once you've got their okay, inform your veterinarian and their staff that they should be contacted soon by an online pet pharmacy seeking your pet's prescription information. Let them know how much you appreciate their help and prompt response in supplying the prescription information in question.

Your Pet's Medical And Prescription Records and Your Rights

It is our understanding that in most states, as your pet's owner, you "own" your pet's historical medical record, consequently, it is your right to ask for a record of your pet's current prescriptions and to have those records transferred as you wish. However, it is important to note that a pet owner does not have the right to demand a specific diagnosis or new prescription from their veterinarian that they would not otherwise recommend. For example, you would not have the right to insist upon a prescription for heartworm medicine for your dog if your dog has not had a heartworm test within the last 12 months. Another example, you would not have the right to insist that your veterinarian prescribe a specific medication for your pet if that medication goes against your veterinarian's advice, opinion or diagnosis. It is important to point out here that we are not lawyers, and when necessary, we suggest visiting with proper legal counsel regarding your specific situation, pet, doctor or prescription should related legal matters arise.
video about buying meds online
Video About Buying Online
Information on buying your pet meds online including when it may or may not be beneficial.
A Five Step Guide To Buying Your Prescription
Pet Medications Online
1. Let Your Veterinarian Know
Let them know that the savings and convenience of buying your pet's meds online is important to you, that an online pharmacy should be contacting them soon to confirm the prescription, and that you'd greatly appreciate their cooperation and prompt reply.
2. Find Low Online Meds Prices
Visit to find an online pharmacy with a low discount price on your pet's specific prescribed medication.
3. Complete The Med Purchase
Complete the purchase process online, at which time there will be an exchange of information necessary for the store to be able to confirm the prescription. Some stores will call or contact your veterinary for you, others will request that you yourself provide your veterinarian with the needed info to transfer the prescription.
4. Follow Through With Your Vet
To avoid a delay in shipping, call your veterinary hospital as soon as possible after you order, give them the information on where to fax or call in the prescription. Double check with them about 24 hours later to make sure they have called it in or if the store was supposed to call them - wether or not they were reached so the necessary information could be properly exchanged.
5. Wait For Your Meds To Arrive
Most stores we link to ship within 24 hours after receiving the prescription confirmation. When you're in a hurry it helps to contact them the day after you believe the meds have shipped or to inform they're needed soon.

Reputable Stores And RX Requirements

Prescriptions are required on certain meds for your pet's own safety. A reputable pet pharmacy will not provide you with a med requiring an RX unless your veterinarian provides them with one - so, do not buy from a pharmacy that's willing to do so otherwise, as the medication they are providing may not be safe.
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