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Phenylbutazone Bute Pain Med - Dogs & Horses

Phenylbutazone, which is also the main ingredient in the medication bute, is a prescription pain relief med for dogs and horses. Phenylbutazone is designed to help reduce inflammation related to muscle, skeletal, limb and joint issues. Phenylbutazone is a non-steroidal NSAID that can also help reduce fever. It can have side effects and cause adverse reactions, including but not limited to, ulcers, hives, kidney problems, facial swelling or a drop in the production of white blood corpuscles. Phenylbutazone can also interact adversely with other drugs and medications so you will want to let your veterinarian know all the meds your pet is taking and closely follow their instructions.
equine and canine phenylbutazone meds including bute are often prescribed to help relieve arthritis pain and inflamation in dogs and horses
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A Summary Of The Reviews Online For Phenylbutazone For Horses:   There were not very many reviews on phenylbutazone for horses online but most of those that were available were positive in general with most horse owners praising the pain relief, recovery period and increased mobility the drug offered to their horses. However, most horse owners, even those who liked the drug, we wary of stomach issues as a side effect and most avoided using it frequently, for the long term or on a repeated, regular basis. We once had a horse of our own that we gave bute too occasionally, but carefully, per our veterinarian's instructions. Our veterinarian always recommended using it short term with breaks between regimens and that seemed to work well. The periods of relief were always welcomed by our mare with arthritis and careful usage seemed to help prevent any potential side effects, stomach problems or health issues.
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