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Program Flea Control

The popular program flea control flavor tabs from Novartis offer an effective, easy way to administer protection to your dog or cat. Program pet products contain lufenuron, an insect growth regulator that breaks the flea life cycle at its base preventing flea eggs and larvae from developing in the first place. In other words, it works as an insect development inhibitor, program flea medication is not actually an adult flea killer, but rather it controls flea populations on your pet through an action that breaks the flea's life cycle at the development stage. Since it works better as a preventative than a treatment, it's best to begin administration prior to the onset of flea season and/or year around. If you already have a flea infestation you will probably want to temporarily use an additional flea product for the adult fleas such as capstar fleas killer for a more comprehensive program. Sentinel for dogs only, also from Novartis, controls fleas in the same manner as program but with an additional ingredient to kill heartworms too.
program flea control for dogs and cats

The Potential Industry Wide Program Flea Pill Shortage - Where To Find Remaining Supplies

Due to renovation at the plant that manufactures the program flea pill, program could become temporarily hard to find in the near future. This will be an industry wide issue and the duration of the potential shortage is unknown. However, many online pharmacies still have a residual supply in stock in most sizes for your dog or cat. And we have found sources for you that are still offering it at affordable, discount prices. Since availability will vary by store and required dose, we've listed several providers below to help you find the program size you need - red, brown, white, or yellow for dogs, and, orange or green for cats. This is also a helpful way to compare the cost of program between stores.

How To Administer Program To Your Dog Or Cat

The program flea pill should be given the same time each month with a meal. When given properly by weight range, program for dog can be given to cats too when pill administration is preferred. Ask your veterinarian for the proper dosage. Otherwise, a liquid suspension version is available that makes it even easier to treat that very finicky feline in your family. When administering pet meds it's best to separate your pets while doing so to make sure each pet is getting their proper dosage, also, you'll want to make sure they eat all the food containing the medication as well.
Monthly Flavor Tab Pill
Both Fleas & Heartworms
Breaks The Life Cycle
Does Not Kill Adults
sentinel tabs monthly heartworm and flea prevention for canines
One Month Preventative
Controls Fleas All Month
For Dogs Only
Can Have Side Effects
comfortis flavor tabs function as a flea killer for up to one month
One Month Preventative
Both Fleas & Heartworms
For Dogs Only
Can Have Side Effects
trifexis flea pill with heartworm preventative
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Choosing Your Flea Meds
Types, differences, pros & cons.
Product Differences Explained 
The Life Cycle Of The Flea
The are four life cycle stages ... eggs hatch into larvae, then larvae form a pupae or cocoon, later evolving into the adult form.
Other Flea Pill Alternatives
Program, Sentinel, Comfortis & Trifexis are four popular flavor tab pill products, but they are very different from each other as explained in boxes to right. There is a current production shortage on sentinel so some owners are switching to comfortis or trifexis.
* Please Note:  program pricing and discounts are based on prices as posted by stores on 6/18/12, and are subject to change, please verify before you buy
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