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Promeris Flea And Tick Control For Dogs And Cats

ProMeris is a somewhat new flea and tick product for dogs and cats with a newly available ingredient known as metaflumizone. Promeris is offered as an alternative to other topical duo combo flea and tick control meds like Frontline and Revolution, both of which have been available for several years now. The "newness" of the ingredients in Promeris are being used to promote it based on the potential for fleas, ticks and other organisms to develop a resistance to specific chemicals after an extended period time. The thinking being that the older, popular meds have been around for so long now that new generations of fleas and ticks may have developed a resistance to them. Promeris has also been shown to be effective against chewing lice and the mites that cause demodectic mange.

Safety Issues And Adverse Reactions

Regarding the safety of Promeris, the reviews from veterinarians and consumers seems to be mixed. Potential adverse side effects from Promeris include but are not limited to vomiting, excessive salivation, lethargy, and shallow breathing. Apparently, there are also certain pet medication drugs and flea and tick control products such as MAOIs & Preventic tick collars that should not be used in conjunction with Promeris. It is always important to visit with your veterinarian before using Promeris or other meds. A common point we found throughout the information we studied regarding the safety of promeris, was the importance of not letting your pet ingest Promeris internally.
promeris flea and tick control is available for both dogs and cats

The Importance Of Proper Application

Promeris is meant to be a topical product and it should be administered properly as such in strict accordance to the established guidelines. It is possible that some pets have had adverse reactions simply because the promeris was not administered correctly and they subsequently ingested the product internally. This brings us to a very important point regarding topical meds and multiple pet households. You can properly apply a topical to one pet - but - if a second pet is allowed to lick the product off of his buddy, then there is a chance that the second pet can ingest the product internally and thereby get sick. For instance, K9 Advantix is a "for dogs only" med with ingredients that could be harmful to cats, especially if ingested internally. Therefore, we would not recommend using it in situations where a cat may be exposed to the med through licking or playing with their K9 friend. In other words, when you hear of adverse reactions to a topical med, sometimes it is hard to know if it is truly the product or simply improper exposure.

About Buying "New To The Market" Pet Meds Products

As with many new products there is quite a buzz on the internet right now as to the effectiveness of Promeris, as well as, possible adverse reactions that may or may not be attributed to it's usage. When you surf the internet for information on any product, keep in mind much of what you will find is not proven, merely a matter of opinion, or quite possibly in error altogether. We do believe that online research can be very valuable when trying to learn more about something new, just be sure and look at the source, how dependable it might be, and how often the information tends to be repeated in your findings. Check out the information for yourself but always follow up with a one on one visit with your pet's specific veterinarian regarding your findings, the product's expected benefits, any potential side effects and comparisons to more established products - before purchasing Promeris or any other new to the market medication.
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Promeris Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacturer
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