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Revolution is a topical all in one that helps control fleas, ticks and heartworms
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Revolution For Dogs

Revolution Dog is easily applied monthly as a topical dog spot on, providing comprehensive protection from several parasite dangers including heartworms, fleas and ticks. It helps control flea eggs from developing further as well, dog sarcoptic mange and even ear mites. It's multi protection control is very convenient.
Starting at $37.99 for 3 - 35% Off Retail Cost

Revolution For Cats

Revolution Cat works particularly well for cats because they tend to lick and clean themselves often which helps spread the prevention ingredient. It works continuously throughout the month to help control fleas, ticks, ear mites, heartworms, hook and round worms too. Please see below for why this is so very important for cats.
Starting at $37.99 for 3 - 35% Off Retail Cost
revolution dog - comprehensive parasite protection - estimated 26% discount off retail prices
revolution cat - comprehensive parasite protection - estimated 26% discount off retail prices

General Medication Information

Revolution pet is a monthly topical heartworm, flea and tick control pet medication from Pfizer. As a matter of fact it is one of the few topical spot on meds available for preventing heartworms. For your convenience, Revolution is quick drying, non greasy and water fast so you can cuddle and play with your pet sooner than many other topical treatments will allow. As soon as two hours after revolution pet is applied it is considered water resistant, remaining effective through the month even with moderate shampooing, swimming, rain or exposure to sunlight. Following application, revolution enters the bloodstream through the skin to prevent heartworm disease and treat gastrointestinal parasites. Revolution is distributed to the sebaceous glands in your pet's skin where it provides protection against troublesome fleas, flea eggs, ticks and mites Although revolution is considered safe for most pets and for puppies and kittens over the age of six weeks, it is not recommended for sick, weak, or underweight animals, and, as with any pet meds, we always recommend visiting with your veterinarian to determine if revolution is the right product for your specific pet dog or cat.

Why Revolution Is Our Personal Preference For Our Own Cats

When it comes to a dog, the primary danger from heartworms is what they do to the heart after the heartworm larvae has traveled to the heart where they proceed to grow into adults. For cats however, there is an additional issue. When a mosquito infects a cat with heartworm larvae the larvae travel to the lungs before they proceed to the heart, when they reach the lungs of a cat there is an immune reaction that destroys many of the larvae. The problem is that the immune reaction that kills the larvae can also damage the feline lungs. When a cat is given a heartworm pill the heartworm larvae that are present in the cat should be killed at that time. However, heartworm larvae that could infect the cat between doses could still have time to irritate the lungs before the next month's pill is due. In other words, the larvae may not have time to make it the heart and grow into adulthood between doses, but they would have time to irritate the lungs. This is not as much of a concern with dogs as it is usually the adult heartworm that is the main problem for them, once a month should be enough protection in their case. We like revolution pet for our cats because it provides protection against larvae throughout the entire month, rather than just at the time of treatment.

Why Prescriptions Are Required For Heartworm Pet Products

Since heartworm prevention is not designed to kill adult worms in the heart, it is important to test your pet for heart worms before beginning preventative treatment, otherwise the adult infestation could be missed and continue to worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. In addition to this, if you give your dog a preventative when they already have heartworms, it can lead to rare but severe reactions that could be harmful to the dog. Therefore, a prescription is important and required as a preventative measure to protect your pet. Guide To Buying Prescription Medication Online
The Life Cycle Of The Flea
Many flea control products target the flea in either the adult or developing stage but not in both. Targeting the adults only allows fleas to hatch and targeting the developing stages only allows adults to continue to pose a problem for your dog or cat. Revolution takes care of fleas in both stages for more flea control.
Advantage Multi
The makers of Advantage Flea control now offer Advantage Multi a similar product to Revolution, and an alternative spot on med that also helps prevent fleas as well as heartworms too. It has different main active ingredients however, Imidacloprid and also Moxidectin, whereas revolution dog and cat use Selamectin. Pricing between them is similar.
Please Note:   Revolution cost and discounts listed above are as posted online by stores on 3/19/15 and are subject to change, please verify before you buy
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