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Rimadyl is a popular arthritis medication for dogs available in
either brand name or generic alternatives, i.e., novox, norocarp
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General Information On Rimadyl and Carprofen Based Meds

Rimadyl is a popular prescription required, NSAID arthritis medication for dogs. There are two varieties, chewable or caplet. The active ingredient in Rimadyl and its generic alternatives is carprofen. Rimadyl works by helping to reduce certain hormones within your dog's body than can cause pain and joint inflammation. On occasion it may also be prescribed to help reduce fever or ease post surgery and dental procedure pains.

Rimadyl Generics - Novox, Norocarp and Vetprofen

Rimadyl, from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, arrived on the market several years ago as a pain and inflammation medication for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. It was a popular choice among veterinarians but a bit expensive for some pet owners. Today there are several generic rimadyl varieties to choose from - including Novox, Vetprofen and Norocarp. Like Rimadyl, the generic varieties contain carprofen as their main active ingredient. Although generics are often prescribed as a more affordable choice to brand name meds, the manufacturing process can differ between companies and quality can vary. Your veterinarian will know which generics to recommend for your specific pet. Novox, Norocarp and Vetprofen seem to be popular generic rimadyl choices at this time.
  rimadyl and generics like novox and vetprofen are designed to help your dog feel like running and playing again

NSAID Arthritis Drugs

Rimadyl falls within the class of NSAID drugs, NSAID is an acronym for "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug", a class of pharmaceuticals that includes aspirin medications as well. Consequently you should let your veterinarian know if your dog has ever had an allergic reaction to aspirin. You'll also want to be careful not to give your dog other aspirin related products while using Rimadyl as over dosage could occur. And, as with aspirin, Rimadyl should not be given to cats, their physiology is different and they do not tolerate aspirin products very well, NSAIDs and similar pet medications can often be quite dangerous for the feline physiology.

Rimadyl Side Effects and Cautions

As with most NSAID drugs, Rimadyl can have side effects and some dogs have had serious adverse reactions, consequently, as with any prescription pet medication you should take it's usage seriously and always follow your veterinarian's advice to the letter. When visiting with your pet's veterinarian discuss your pet's health history thoroughly and be sure and include any and all foods, supplements and meds that they may be taking previously or currently. Be sure to let them know about non-prescription meds as well. Possible side effects and adverse reactions to Rimadyl and carprofen include but are not limited to, allergic reactions, internal bleeding, muscle cramps, mouth sores, dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, depression and fatigue. Consequently, you'll want to discuss the potential side effects directly with your dog's veterinarian, and go over the pros and cons thoroughly with them before deciding if Rimadyl or generic equivalents are the right choice for your specific dog.

Rimadyl Review Summary

In general, the reviews on Rimadyl were very positive with dog owners mentioning a vast and continuing improvement once their dogs began treatment. We personally used Rimadyl to help one of our own dogs with an arthritis related joint pain issue and the results were a success. However, we had a friend whose dog had a severe reaction to the drug that led to liver issues. Judging from the two events combined, we would gladly try Rimadyl again for another pet in the future but would want to monitor its effects closely. And of course, follow whatever recommendations our veterinarian gave us regarding wether or not it was right for our specific pet.
rimadyl, carprofen, novox and norocarp
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