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Sentinel For Dogs

Sentinel is a popular flea pill for dogs with the added protection of a heartworm preventative.
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Sentinel Spectrum Is Now Available * Starting at just $7 a month   Information On Sentinel Spectrum
The same protection as regular sentinel but with an additional ingredient, praziquantel, to help prevent tapeworms
sentinel combination pill for dogs provides important protection for your canine from both heartworms and fleas

Sentinel Dog Flea Heartworm Tabs For Dogs

The sentinel flavor tab flea and heartworm prevention pill was designed for dogs to help prevent both heart worm and flea infestation issues in one tasty flavor tab tablet. The sentinel flea pill comes from Novartis, the same manufacturer of the heartworm preventative interceptor. Sentinel and interceptor also share the same heartworm prevention ingredient, Milbemycin Oxime, however, the sentinel flavor tab has an additional ingredient to help prevent fleas too, an ingredient that interceptor alone doesn't have. The flea prevention ingredient in sentinel, lufenuron, prevents fleas from developing by stopping them in the development stage but it does not kill adult fleas. Something important to know. Lufenuron is also found in the program flea control pill, also from novartis. Some pet owners buy program when all they need is a flea prevention product and others buy interceptor when all they need is a heartworm pill. Sentinel offers dog owners both flea & heartworm prevention in one easy to take tab.  

A Summary Of Online Sentinel Reviews

Most product reviews were positive with dog owners using adjectives such as "works", "great", "awesome" and "effective". Many of them mentioned they had been using the product for several years. The most common complaint, when there was one, was that their dogs did not like the taste of the flavor tab. There were a few that felt their dogs had suffered side effects and a few that felt it didn't work, however, the majority submitting reviews gave it high marks.

Why Prescriptions Are Required For Heartworm Meds

Since sentinel heartworm prevention and similar meds are not designed to kill already present adult worms, it is important to test your dog for heartworms before you buy and begin a preventative treatment, otherwise the adult infestation could be missed and worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. Also, if you give your pets a preventative when they already have heartworms, it can lead to rare but severe reactions that could be harmful to the dog. Therefore, a prescription is required as an important, preventative measure to better help protect your pet.
Alternatives To Sentinel
Sentinel has been a popular combination heartworm flea pill for several years, at this time there is only one alternative pill that prevents both fleas and heartworms like sentinel does.
A combination flea and heartworm control pill. Trifexis is similar to sentinel in that it is a two in one med. They also have a similar heartworm preventative. But ingredients for flea prevention differ. Sentinel for dogs attacks fleas in their developing stages but trifexis kills fleas in the adult stages instead - making it more suitable of a choice for some pet owners.
heartgard plus comfortis nexgard
Another alternative to giving just one product would be to give two. There are several flea pills available today including capstar, program, comfortis and nexgard (which also kills ticks). Available heartworm tabs include iverhart, interceptor, heartgard & triheart.
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