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Temaril-P Pet Medication - Helpful Information and Discount Prices

Helpful information and low prices on temaril-p tablets for dogs often prescribed for itch, allergy and cough relief.
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Information On Temaril-P Pet Medication For Dogs

Temaril-P is a prescription required medication from Pfizer Animal health offering a combination of the ingredients Trimeprazine and Prednisolone to help a variety of health issues in dogs including itching, skin disorders, allergy related complications and coughing. Temaril-P tablets are often prescribed to treat coughing resulting from bronchitis or kennel cough. Antibiotics are sometimes given in conjunction with Temaril-P when coughing is due to an underlying bacterial infection. Temaril provides three way antipruritic, antitussive and anti-inflammatory relief.
Temaril-p can have adverse side effects and should only be administered under the watchful eye of your dog's veterinarian according to their specific instructions. In the case of Temaril-P, possible side effects can occur as a reaction to either one of the two ingredients and may include drowsiness, tremors, muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, or, an increase in thirst or urination. Temaril-P tablets are usually administered to the dog twice a day.
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