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Trifexis is a popular flea heartworm preventative in a pill form.
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Trifexis Flea Heartworm Chewable For Dogs

Trifexis is an exciting new product that combines two popular ingredients found in similar meds. Spinosad, a flea control ingredient also found in the comfortis flea pill and milbemycin oxime, the heartworm preventative found in sentinel. Trifexis for dogs also controls adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections too. Trifexis is a prescription product med because it contains a heartworm preventative, which like all heartworm medication requires an annual check up and prescription from your veterinarian. Shoppers should be wary of any online pharmacy - foreign or domestic - that does not require a prescription to buy heartworm meds. Side effects are possible so you will want to visit with your veterinarian regarding potential adverse reactions before deciding if it is the right medication for your specific dog. Trifexis prices can be high cost, but you can buy online and save, we've found discount prices to help make trifexis more affordable.
Please Note: Above prices and discounts are as posted May 26, 2013 and are subject to change without notice, please verify the current med cost before you buy.
trifexis combination heartworm prevention and flea control pill provides protection without the mess of topical products
Trifexis vs Sentinel
Both trifexis and sentinel meds utilize the same heart worm prevention ingredient, however, they have different flea control methods. The sentinel ingredient takes care of fleas in the development stages but the one in trifexis kills the adult fleas instead.
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Trifexis Reviews Online - A Summary

In general the trifexis reviews online have been positive with most pet owners giving it high star ratings and several claiming that it had helped clear up flea infestations that had previously been hard to resolve. The main complaint that stood out is the fact that the product is not designed to control ticks. However, some pet owners were so happy with trifexis that they looked for a secondary tick preventative to fix this issue that could be used in conjunction with Trifexis. As always, we recommend visiting directly with your pet's veterinarian to determine which tick preventative might work best for them in particular. A few reviews mentioned the side effect of vomiting, once again something you should visit with your veterinarian about. One other thing we noticed was that many of the new users were previously happy comfortis customers who had switched over from comfortis to trifexis to get the additional heartworm protection.

Why Prescriptions Are Required For Heartworm Meds

Trifexis and similar heartworm meds do not kill existing adult worms, therefore it is important to test your dog for adult heartworms before you begin a preventative treatment - otherwise the adult infestation could be missed and worsen while you are under the false impression that your pet is heartworm free. Requiring a test before beginning treatment helps prevent this oversight. If you give your pets a preventative when they already have heartworms, it can lead to rare but severe reactions that could be harmful. Therefore, an rx prescription is required as a protective measure.   Buying Prescription Meds Online
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