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Ventipulmin Syrup For Horses

Ventipulmin syrup is an equine medication used as a bronchodilator for horses. Ventipulmin relaxes the airways to make breathing easier. It requires a prescription and is sometimes used to treat COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Ventipulmin requires a prescription and is not suitable for all horses, side effects and adverse reactions are also possible, so you will want to carefully follow all your veterinarians instructions. When deciding wether or not to choose ventipulmin - always let your horse's doctor know about any existing health issues, breeding activity and all medications and supplements they are currently taking.
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ventipulmin syrup bronchodilator equine medication for certain respiratory conditions in horses such as COPD, asmtha or respiratory conditions worsened by allregies, closed up stable environments, mold, dust and hay
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Online Reviews: The reviews available online were not numerous, however, the majority of them were positive. A few mentioned it was expensive but felt it was worth the cost and cheaper than a trip to the vet due to respiratory complications.
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Equine COPD Respiratory Condition

Equine COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a condition in horses similar to asthma in humans. Inflammation in the small airways of the lungs impairs breathing and ventilation. Other names to describe this condition in horses may include emphysema, heaves, small airway disease and others. Horses can develop allergies to mold just as people can and the disease tends to be more common in cooler climates where horses are kept in the barn in an enclosed environment around mud, dust, hay or other respiratory irritants. However, foods, meds, allergies to things in the environment and other causes can trigger the condition as well. Some horses with COPD will show a nasal discharge, coughing or labored breathing. Treatment medications for COPD in horses may include either steroids or bronchodilators such as ventipulmin. A well ventilated, mold free environment is often prescribed as well.
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